La La La La Lola
Lola is my take on the cute Bulldog breed, with the amazing large head, flat faced, wrinkly features and adoring eyes. This little girl was created from hand dyed Schulte viscose with black glass eyes and is fully 5 way cotter pin jointed. She is filled with alpaca and kapok.

Lola Bear
Hi, I’m Marshmallow! I’m made from soft pink plush and have a crunchy sawdust stuffing. I’m fully jointed and my nose is very well-embroidered.

Cool Bears By NataliyaMikha
Next year is the year of the pig? In honor of this people Teddy gallochka Lolita. Sewn entirely by hand from the plush ash pink shade, tightly stuffed with sawdust, weighted granulate, legs, hands, head is on double splintage connection, muzzle and legs made of Living doll hand painted with dry pastels and oil paints. Fixed lacquer finish. The growth of pigs sitting standing 15 cm 20 cm.

Bunny "Lola"
Stakhova Bears
19 cm / 7 1/4" from head to toes (without ears) and approx. 14 cm /5 3/4" sitting I measure bunny Lola from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet, not including the ears. . color beige & white., Bunny is made of synthetic fabric (Steiff Schulte) in beige color and alpaca (Steiff Schulte) in white color. I used white ministoffe fabric for the inner ears. He has genuine leather pads.

Lola, American Cocker Spaniel
Girl Lola-a person of Royal blood, American Cocker Spaniel. Dog sewn from Belarusian artificial fur. There is a plastic skeleton in the body. Filling: padding polyester, synthetic fluff, hollofayber. Pads on the paws are made of Fimo, the nose is made of models. German glass eyes, eyelids are made of leather. Toy pastel-toned art. In the chest is a silk heart.

Parti Yorkie Lola
Peggy & Molly Teddies
*** Parti Yorkie Lola *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies.

Bearly Bears
Lola is a collectible miniature bear hand-sewn from soft, lilac smokey Sassy mini bear fur, with pale purple ultrasuede paws and glass bead eyes. She wears a rainbow tulle ruff in her favourite colours. Lola is 8.5cm tall and is filled with polyester fibre filling. She is jointed at her head with a t-pin joint and wooden disc, and has string-jointed arms and legs.

Lola Pig
Please note one front paw turns badly (due to this the price is reduced). Lola Pig height 6 cm (sitting) Independently can not stand (small legs) Each seam is made by hand. Head, legs and arms are movable (cotter pin). Filled holofiber and metal granules Black glass eyes Removable clothes This pig will be a great accessory for your home or a wonderful gift.

Olga Nechaeva
Today I'm introducing you to my little rabbit Lola. I sewed it manually from manual dyeing. The color of the fur is menthol. Inside: sawdust, sintepon, granules, cotter pins and disks. Paws and head are mobile. The toy just sits. The growth of sitting is 9.5 cm. The full height is 11.5 cm. For Lola, I tied a hat and a jacket of fluffy and warm alpaca.

Please meet a little smiling girl Lola. Main materials: beige viscose, glass eyes 3mm.

Moshkina Elena
Lola. Bear made of German viscose, painted by hand. Clothing made of silk and cotton, embroidered with beads and sequins, tinted and aged. Bear height 11 cm

Lola poodle

Little Lola Sunshine
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
Little Lola Sunshine Beautiful Yorkshire, natural live size. (13.5 inches). Beautifully realistic, luxuriously soft imported fur fabric. A high-quality skeleton allows the dog to fully articulate in any natural position, including tilting the head in any direction, sitting, standing, laying or even winding the front legs around for a comfortable hugging big puppy! Ears and tail are strengthened and can flex. The eyes are made of handmade glass.

Teddy bear Lola
My world Teddy
Teddy Lola. the growth of 12cm.

The Jaded Bearsmith
Lolanthe is very shy but also very sweet. She loves pearls and is adorned with a pearl necklace and even has her ears pierced and wears big hoops decorated with a flower, a bird, a leaf and a pearl. Her fur is a 15mm dense wavy purple mohair and her inner ears and paws are a straight 16mm mohair in coral.

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