Teddy Bear "Tonny"
Marina Stepanova
Teddy Bear "Tonny" Height about 18 cm, 7,0". He is a medium. Can stand holding onto something for support, but sitting with pleasure. Will be a reliable and loyal friend, loves to chat and to sit on your hands mom. Sewn on my author's pattern. Bear sewn from plush . Color plush coffee with milk. Full birch sawdust and metal granulate. Glass eyes handcrafted in Germany. embroidered nose.

One of a Kind Marty a fun and wacky bear. A great medium sized bear 20inches/51cm in height. He is great to pose with his bent arms and slightly bent legs. Made from soft grey German Steiff-Schulte ratinee mohair with grey ultra suede foot and paw pads.

Teddy Bear Sten
Handmade. One of a kind. Collectible jointed soft toy. German Shulte viscose. Glass eyes. Stuffed with wood wool. Growth: standing 29 cm. Materials:. German Shulte Mohair. Filled with wood wool German. Eyes are glass German. Fastenings: disks and forelocks, the head: nut, bolt, and disk. The jumper is made by me. The shirt is sewed from the cotton. It has buttons.

Teddy bear Afanasij
ImBear by Ina Smirnova
OOAK Teddy bear Afanasij made by ImBear (Ina Smirnova). He is sewn from german medium dense, straight mohair. Sawdust and mineral pellets inside. Glass eyes, nose is embroidered. 5 way jointed with cotter-pins and disks. Shaded with oil paints. Accesorised with silk ribbons and cross-stitch embroidered belly and forehead. The embroidery is russian sacred doll named Richman and it means a talisman that brings home good luck and wealth.

Bear Violetta: plush, medium sawdust inside, 5-sided disc / splint connection, glass eyes, oil paint toning.

Granny B Crafts
She is a 16” tall Teddy Bear and handmade by Granny B in a luxurious, soft peach/cream, mohair fabric with a medium pile and a 'blush' effect. She has tan ultra-suede feet & paw pads and inner ears. She is handcrafted, fully jointed, has black glass eyes, a heart/button/suede necklace & is filled with woodwool and polyester. Tiffany comes with her own draw string bag in a cotton fabric.

Louise (Everything Will Be Good)
Teddy bear Louise is made of delicate silky mohair using the classic teddy bear technology. My own pattern. Medium hard stuffing.

Material Word from my composition about three bears
Well, finally, let's look closer to the biggest bear from my compositionabout three bears, its size is 18 centimeters and it is responsible for the Material World. The bear can easily move its head and paws. Let's try to figure out what it is. The material world is a special medium in which innumerable material universes are subsequently formed.

Olga Nechaeva
Good day!

Stakhova Bears
15,5 cm-16 cm/ 6 1/4" from head to toes (approx. 13 cm /5 1/4" sitting) color white., Teddy is sewn in medium dense, straight mohair (miniature mohair) in white color (Manufacture: Steiff Schulte) and it has genuine leather pads. Completely handmade. Fully jointed (5 Ways cotter pin) and stuffed with sawdust and wool and a little steel pellets for weigh. The face is formed using different author needle sculpture techniques.

LuckyBearsShop by Inna Kuznetsova
Who wants the most devoted friend? I Love to hug this little guy! The bear's name is Brownie. It is sewn from vintage plush, the head is densely packed with sawdust, the legs are filled with medium, the belly is not densely filled with a metal granulate and a wood shaving that allows it to crunch pleasantly and to create folds in the area of uhelb.

M. E. Bears Miniature Bears & Critters
Tanner is a OOAK 2.5” miniature Bear. He was lovingly hand stitched from medium pile Mini Bear Synthetic fur. He is 5-way jointed, and firmly filled with glass beads and poly fill. His nose is hand stitched with stranded cotton and he has glass eyes. Tanner has hand sculpted and shaded face. He was finished off simply with silk ribbons.

Spring Bear!
Zheleznova Svetlana
It smells of spring, by the chirping of birds and smell the first flowers. It is a symbol of the beginning of a new life, on his tummy an egg of wool felt embroidered with beads, and a bouquet of willow cotton and wool thread, decorated with cotton lace.

Lovely, home, native bear Ant ... With him comes to the house coziness ... warmly in a relationship, joy, hope ... Ant will become a talisman of your family and will be passed on from generation to generation. Ant is made in the "Vintage Bear" technique from natural materials. Vintage cloth, sawdust, "wood wool", glass matte eyes, brass bells. 5 mobile connections, author's artistic oil painting. Mineral granulate. Padding from medium to soft.

Emma's Bears
This gorgeous BIG boy has been designed with child-like proportions, similar to our toddler range but much more chunky. He has a big, generously sized head with a broad nose, a sturdy body, long slightly bent arms and bent-knee legs. Jeremiah has been made from a piece of super-deluxe faux fur we had in stock last year.

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