Nika the Miniature Schnauzer
My Pangaea
Nika the Miniature Schnauzer Her height in standing position on hind legs is 11.4 inches (29 cm), height in sitting position is 8.6 inches (22 cm). Sizes are mentioned without ears. The dog was sewed from faux fur, using my own author’s sewing pattern; 5-pin connection of limbs. All limbs are movable. The ears and tail are reinforced with a wire Stuffed with sawdust. Weighted with mineral granulate.

Mr Schnauzer
Mr Schnauzer is a very kindly person. He like for a long walks with his friends after working day. Every evening he like reading new books from the library under his lovely blanket. He wear pants, sweater, nice jacket and leather shoes. All patterns of my toys are engineered by me. Made from a german mohair and viscose., Filled with sawdust, 100% wool, steel pelets and mineral granules.

Date of birth 02/10/17 Materials: fantastic Faux fur.