Oksana Matviienko
Artist teddy Bear OOAK. The minibear is made by the author's pattern.

Hello, my friend!

This is my new Teddy bear Willie He is so cute tiny bear cub) He has a toy bunny. He is 11 cm height in a full size. Height in a sitting position 8.5 cm (can only sit). He made from German viscose two colours, stuffed with sawdust and granulates. Body is filled not so firmly, tummy is rustling. Fully pin jointed. Black glass German eyes.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
Robbie is a quiet little guy but loves to be part of the fun.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
Gretta loves to lounge around and nibble bon bons, her bulgy tummy shows it!

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
Barton loves attention and he just might have the key to your heart. He likes to think that’s what his key is for anyways, and he wears the bell so everyone will hear him coming. Barton is 3” of adorableness (I know, not a real word but it definitely describes him)! He is made from a wonderful fabric that has long, shiny guard hairs that sparkle in the light.

LuckyBearsShop by Inna Kuznetsova
When your palm is the cradle...☺️❤️ . Materials: viscose hand-painted, sawdust, metal granulate, black German glass eyes, 6 cotter pins. Clothing: cotton overall (not removed). Alex sits confidently, stands with support. Tinted pastel. Ordering Information: All Bearrs are from a non-smoking home. My toys are collectors’ items and are not suitable for small children. Only dry clean! I accept PayPal. Item will be shipped within 1-2 days after receipt of payment.

Luna, the mermaid bear
Cobblestone Creations
Luna is made of hand dyed aqua and pure white cashmere faux fur and is barely 2 inches long.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
This is adorable Grumples. Despite his name he is a happy fellow!

Bearly Bears
Ollie is a very cute miniature bear, handsewn from grey smokey Sassy minibear fur with ultrasuede paws and glass button eyes. He is filled with polyester fibre filling. He is 8.5cm tall and is thread-jointed at arms and legs. Ollie has been finished off with a pale pink silk ribbon. He comes with a swing tag listing his name, date of birth, and materials used;

Fluffy mini bear
Miniature fluffy teddybear made of mohair and filled with wool, metal granulate and love. His arms, head and hands joined with cotterpins.

Tinkle - a miniature Christmas bear
Bearly Bears
Tinkle is a one-of-a-kind miniature Christmas bear made from red and green upholstery velvet and grey Sassy minibear fur. He has black glass bead eyes and is filled with 100% Australian downs wool filling. Tinkle is 8cm tall when standing and is string-jointed at arms and legs. He is all set for a wonderful Christmas day with his shimmery gold neck ruff and red tinkly bell.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
Basi (the panda) is 3.5" tall and made from a beautiful, sparkly, long pile fabric in white and a light tan.


Bearly Bears
Eleanor is a ballerina mini bear made from sassy minibear fur, with ultrasuede paws and glass bead eyes. Eleanor is wearing a cute ballerina outfit: pink and green hand-dyed silk ribbon bodice and pink tulle skirt, with delicate ribbon flower detail. Eleanor is 8.5cm tall when standing and has string-jointed arms and legs. She is filled with 100% Australian downs wool filling.

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