This is my new miniature bear Carlos. Bear can be sad, and maybe smiling, depending on inclination of his head. He is 8 cm height in a full size. Height in a sitting position 6 cm. He made from minishtof three colors, it’s very soft and pleasant to touch. Stuffed with sawdust and granulates. Fully pin jointed (5 cottor pins). Black glass German eyes. Silk ribbon.

Nuf Nufa
Materials: viscose, minishtof. Filler: sawdust and steel metal granules. Bear's nose is made of minishtof. Glass eyes. Toning with oil paints.

Inessa fnd Inokentiy
Irina Vasileva
Sincerely and truely in love from the first site, these little ones are made for each other. The cuties are made of mohair and minishtof, with sawdust and metallic granules inside. They wear hand-made removable clothes. Now little ones are looking for a new house, and somebody who will love and take care of them!

Teddy Nicklaus
My love of plush 79
minishtof, felt, cotton glass eyes (Germany), 5-way jointed, + car. Filling: wool + buckwheat. Date of Birth: April 17, 2018 Handmade! One of a kind! the kid is very fond of playing golf! Teddy sewed in honor of Jack William Nicklaus, nicknamed "The Golden Bear" an American professional golfer. Won a total of 18 major tournaments for his career, 19 times ranked second and 9 third in the PGA Tour.

Big Boy
Viktoria Golubeva Bears
Antique plush, minishtof, 64 cm, sawdust, wood wool, mineral pellets. Eyes hand made glass eye, vintage metal button.

Alina Priymak
Carlson is described as a "little plump, self-confident man." He himself is presented as "a handsome, intelligent and moderately plump man in his prime." Behind his back is a propeller, and he can fly. Carlson is cheerful, resourceful, but sometimes behaves like a pig. He steals buns from Freken Bock, dresses up as a ghost and does various dirty tricks. • Size 11cm standing, 8.5cm in a sitting position.

Stephanie (Stesha)
Let me introduce for you bear Steshashe is very funny She is 7.28" (18.5cm) tall to the tip of his ears, sitting height 5.71" (14.5cm). Prefers to sit. Made of dense soft alpaca fabric Shulte. She is full handmade sewed using ,stuffed with fiberfill and weighted with special metal beads for teddy and sea stone. German glass eyes.

Potap Bear
Lisevihc Tatiana
Potap Bear. Height 34 cm, weight 1 kg German plush, sawdust, granulate two types of metal and gravel Minishtof Author's eyes Nose stucco 5 cotter pins Arms, legs and head rotate 360 ​​degrees

Panda Red
Panda Red is made of vintage plush and minishtof. Decorated with beads and rhinestones, vintage tulle. Filled with sawdust and sea pebbles.

Bear Bertie from brown mohair a great gift for children and adults. Height 19 cm Filled with sawdust and metal granules. Glass eyes. The nose is made by me from a milliput. The sole of the paws is sewn from minishtof.Tinted with arts oil. He wears а circus cap and a cotton collar made of light blue cotton with white polka dots.

Soft toy teddy bear animal. Mohair and minishtofa bear filled with sawdust. This is a very cute bear. Clothing may be removed. The sweater is decorated with a silk ribbon and a bell. You can always carry around. This is a toy for a smile. The most beautiful teddy bear you can say that it was carefully made with great love and attention to detail.

mini Teddy bear
Mini teddy bear 14 cm growth. Material viscose made in Italy by manual staining . The color of the bear is brown with red tinge. On the paws and ears inserts of minishtof fabric. Filler mineral granulate and sawdust. The bear stands alone. Cotter pin and head clamp. Dry cleaning is possible. Suitable for children from three years old. Can be used as an accessory for photocassiology of newborns.

Boris is the most kind bear who loves children.

Bear "Oliver"
Aleksandra Nelina
Bear "Oliver" is 19 centimeters height.

Teddys By Katerina Bondarenko
Austin vintage bunny,hand made by me from:viscose, supplied with sawdust, wood wool,metal granulareye glass, palms and heel minishtof tinted with oil paints and pastel, head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins 200 gr., Austin is dressed in a cotton jacket,that is decorated with shells, which I collected in Costa Rica in February 2018. He stands well with support. Please note, he is not intended for games.

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