Anri, the teddy bear
Please, meet Anri Cute little guy with a huge heart and love for adventures Enjoys mint lemonade, fresh cookies, old movies and walking on grass when the dew is still on it...

Little Bubbles
Bear sewn entirely by hand on my pattern from the German fur color complex,gasket synthetic fluff and steel granulate,cotter pins ,10,the upper legs reinforced,nose manual molding,heels ministop.

Hello, my friend!

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
I want to introduce you to Stich a puppy of a French bulldog and I hope that you will love him just like me. Stich created from photos of puppies of the French bulldog, the template is completely my original pattern. And I wanted to make it miniature, but one in which the skeleton could function and that it was alive.

Irina Donskaya
Totally small, the size of the palm. This is a wonderful couple, they are both dressed in warm and cheerful caps. The bear is made of mohair, filled with sawdust with the addition of granules. 5 cotter pins in the joints, German glass eyes, fine art toning. Caps made of merino wool   very expect the hands that will take care of them. completely handmade. ooak teddy.

Soulful by Lemming
Little hedgehog. Sewed from fabric for miniature and hedgehog mohair, Germany's glass eyes, a nose made of polymer clay LivingDoll.

Soulful by Lemming
sweet bunny sewn from fur for miniature, eyes glass, eyelids skin, stuffed with sawdust, holofiber and metal granulate.

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