Daria monkey teddy
USD 161.03
Monkey teddy Daria created from vintage plush hand-painted golden colour on a contrasting peach-based, pilotscale packed, weighted granulate. glass eyes hand-painted. monkey teddy is tinted with pastel and oil. the tail of the monkey teddy is reinforced. Monkey teddy can stand and sit.

USD 120.00
Monkey Painter (Monkey + Painting + Palette). Monkey toy made of plush miniatur, filled with sawdust. Monkey sewn in a single copy, it is impossible to repeat. A full-length 17 cm (6.7 inches). All the toys in my shop are sewn from high quality professional materials designed specifically to create toys in the style of Teddy. Excellent quality exceeds expectations. He's adorable and beautifully made! Absolutely adorable! Just like its picture.

Monkey Abby
USD 330.00
Hello, dear friends and guests. I pleased to present you my new creation. Monkey Abby This is very realistic tropical animal. Monkey is made of very realistic 5 kind german faux fur. All the materials used on the toy is of highest quality which will provide long life to this toy. paws and tail are flexible, for many nice poses. From the head and along the back passes plastic skeleton.

Monkey Teddy Asy
Brook Tatiana
USD 130.00
Monkey is very playful and uplifting . She loves hugs. Asy made by me with great love. Only handmade sewing from beautiful viscose. Stuffed soft with sawdust and mineral pellets. Head and paws are fixed strongly by means of disks and pins (5 joints). Monkey has glass eyes, nose is embroidered. All of my toys are 100% handmade no machine sewing! They are made by me only from professional teddy materials. .

Plush toy monkey "Chi-Chi". The toy is handmade. Teddy.
Realistic Toys from Irina
USD 85.00
Plush toy monkey "Chi-Chi". Collectible toy, fully handmade. Cute, good-natured, funny animal. The toy is made of artificial fur, eyes-plastic. Inside monkey wire cakras, it easily moves paws and head. Monkey "Chi Chi" looks charming he is looking for his master! Good gift for children and soft toy lovers. Dimensions: 30 cm (11.8 in). If the toy is sold, but you like it, you can order it.

Monkey Margo
USD 90.00
The monkey will arrive complete with a brooch. This is a great gift for any occasion! Beautiful accessory and toy. Monkey toy made of plush miniatur, filled with sawdust. A full-length 17 cm (6.7 inches). All the toys in my shop are sewn from high quality professional materials designed specifically to create toys in the style of Teddy. It is miniature soft toy. Perfect for gift. Dry clean only.

Monkey Sesil
USD 400.00
Growth: standing 42 cm (16,54"), sitting 26 cm (10,24") Weight: 27,51 oz (780 g). Hello! I want to present my monkey Sesil. She is a very gentle pretty girl. And she looks for a new home. Materials:. German Shulte mohair. Eyes are glass German. Stuffed with sawdust, wood wool, glass granulate, mineral granulate, metal granulate (soft stuffing). Thanks for this stuffing Sesil likes real monkey. Fastenings: disks and forelocks (she is fully jointed).

Nemean langurs
USD 120.00
I am pleased to present you the monkey the Nemean langurs. Height monkeys about 12 inches (31 cm) standing, and 8.6 inches (22 cm) sitting. It is made from alpaca and German synthetic fur. Filling synthetic fibers and glass beads. Fixing the clutches of the traditional (4 pin, disks and washers) Mounting head is different from the traditional fixing Teddy bears.

USD 79.00
Height is 4.7in (12 cm) one of a kind monkey He can not stand alone. All paws are bend. Materials: smokey long pile, fiber filler glass granulate, 5-way disk-jointed German glass eyes, tinting by pastel and oil paints hand made nose from FIMO., All my toys are made only from quality materials by my own patterns. All of my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, no machine sewing!

Monkey called "Free spirit"
Aleksandra Nelina
USD 75.00
Monkey called "Free spirit" entirely handmade of antique plush.

Bears by Ekaterina Zhiteneva
USD 115.00
The monkey is 13 cm sitting.The monkey is sewed from viskose. The head and the limbs are stuffed with sawdust.

USD 125.00
Monkey Alex . Full height 8.6 inches(22cm). Materials:. german curly viscose, fabric for mini bears german glass eyes, disks and joints fiber filler, pastel beads, tape., Layaway is possible. First payment non-refundable.

Aleksandra Nelina
USD 220.00
This is a cute monkey "Lucy".

USD 120.00
Let me introduce you , very Charming and cheerful monkey Сосо ! She made from vintage plush, Stuffed with cedar sawdust and metal granulate, dense stuffing she has brown glass eyes ( Germany) manual coloring , She is well aged , with different techniques to give her vintage character She is fully jointed , She has a skip-stitched nose and lips Toning oil paints.

USD 115.00
Let me introduce you Georg! He is beautiful monkey look like antique character . ⁃ He made from Mohair fabric , Germany ⁃ Stuffed with cedar sawdust and metal granulate . ⁃ He has manual coloring glass eyes ( Germany) ⁃ He is well aged , in different technics to give her vintage character ⁃ She is fully jointed, but cannot stand alone ⁃ He has a skip-stitched nose and lips waxed foot and palm .