bichon frize
The toy is made of artificial fur, soft as a cloud, the fur is slightly curly, which is very similar to the fur of this breed.

Lyudmila Zhuravleva
Made of Schulte mohair. Eyes taxidermic. Filled with cedar sawdust, glass granulate and wood wool. Don't stand there without help. Paws and head moving.

Hello, my friend!

Little funny Piglet is specially for your hand. Tall 5.12" Made of German viscose, glass eyes, 5 way pin- disc jointed, paws and ears are reinforced with wire, for weght glass and silicone granulate, stuffed sawdust and wool, tinted with pastel. The scarf is knitted by hand on needles. Moving like in a movie. All toyrs are sewn in a house where there is no smoke.

Bear in a pink wreath of flowers
Irina's Teddies
Teddy bear handmade.

Vil Teddy by Ilona Vorotynceva
A lovely big naked teddy bear with a quality of an old, well loved vintage toy. He is quite large and weighs a bit too, but he is very nice to the touch and will be your best friend and companion. A handmade stuffed jointed teddy bear made completely by me. He is sewn from hand-painted vintage plush and stuffed with wood chips. Hand embroidery on the belly.

Fantasy leopard fawn Collectible toy animal doll textile sculpture
Gera Infiniti
Fantasy leopard fawn Collectible toy COLLECTIBLE DOLL. Size: 7.8 inch (20cm) Head, legs, arms and tail are movable. It is completely handmade. The toy is made of polymer clay and artificial fur. It has glass eyes and is painted with dry pastel. Moving eyes My art is made in Russia, in Siberia with soul and inspiration.

Charlotte is a very well-mannered girl: no rustling, no naughty, nothing chews Always ready to support his Man, mentally sitting next to and listening carefully! Not worth it, but obediently sitting not intended for children's games. Made from viscouse. Head and feet are moving. Filled with sawdust and mineral granulate. Tinted with oil paints. She has glass eyes. Cotton clothes. It’s collectible item. All made only by hands.

Puppy teddy Tuzik
The puppy whined plaintively under the bench. Someone kicked him in the side and called: "Little cur!"But children are not offended for a long time, the tail wags again, and the puppy runs happily to the people. Eyes say: "Take me home! I'll be a loyal friend!". Baby sewn from faux fur, filling: synthetic, hollofayber, metal granulate. German eyes, nose made of modelite, tongue made of genuine leather.

Olga Nechaeva
I am glad to present you my new hedgehog. His name is Chu. I sewed it by hand from viscose and hedgehog from mohair. Inside sawdust, sintepon, pellets. The filling is dense. Hedgehog has a nice weight. Paws and head moving. Hedgehog just sits. Height sitting 10 cm. Full length of 12.5 cm. The scarf can be removed. The toy is tinted with dry pastel.

Bunny a touching, gentle, feminine creation, which is all the time in flight of your fantasies !!!!

Teddy Trendy Bears
The head and legs are stable. The wings are moving and also have wire inside, so its easy to make different positions. It has knitted pullover, which cannot be removed. The head and the legs had made from Japanese self-hardening mass and covered with acrylic lacquer, the body had made from viscose, staffed with fiber fil and glass granules (for the weight).

Jellyfish Handmade
This bear is made completely by hand. It was sewn according to pattern and tutorial by Tatiana Skalozub.Size: It is 10 cm tall ( 4" inches)., Materials: This bear is made from German faux fur, it’s soft and fluffy. It is filled with sheep wool and glass granulate, glass eyes, metal charm.

Red Teddy bear sailor boy
The bear is made of vintage plush, the legs are moving, the head is bending.

Ratty "Lucy"
Aleksandra Nelina
Rat Lucy mohair. Gasket opalocka, metal weighting compound. The tail is alive and moving. Mount disks and cotter pins. Tinted ratty oil and pastel.

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