Old Easter bunny Artist bunny vintage hare 8.6 in (22 cm)
Guzel Kostyna
USD 149.00
Artist bunny in vintage style. Hare height is 8.6 in (22 cm). Artist teddy bunny made from Italian viscose. Jointed bunny filled with sawdust and glass shot for a nice weight and the cuddly hugs. Fluffy bunny has stitched nose and mat glass eyes. Attention! Listing only for Old Easter bunny! Wooden box, cards, flowers I use for decoration. You will get toys from house where people don’t smoke. Attention!

Old bear
Lena Minchenkova
USD 110.00
Bear looking for a home where love shabby teddy. He made on my own pattern . I wanted to make a bear, which would look like old toy, so he has some smudges. The bear cannot stand but sits perfectly.His height is about 15 cm while sitting down and about 22 cm from tip to top.

Pink teddy bear in a dress
AlinaBears vintage style
USD 150.00
Pink teddy bear in a dress. I would like the name of this girl bear come up with her owners themselve. 14 inches (36 centimeters). Antiquarian plush, sawdust. 5 movable joints. OOAK. Clothes are removed! A tribute to all things old school, these vintage style teddy bears perfectly capture the spirit of the “good old days”, when clothes were funky, movies were black and white, and times were simple.

AlinaBears vintage style
USD 170.00
Teddy Bear "Green" with his friend Bunny Rabbit. Height 13,7 inches (35 centimeters). Bunny Rabbit Height 5,5 inches (14 centimeters). 5 movable joints. Material: Antique plush Stuffing: sawdust. Clothing is removed. OOAK. A tribute to all things old school, these vintage style teddy bears perfectly capture the spirit of the “good old days”, when clothes were funky, movies were black and white, and times were simple.

Kledi-Bears by Edith Lodes-Nowotny
USD 139.98
I'm happy to introduce Daffi a miniatur bear by Kledi-Bären. Daffy is sitting on a hand-decorated wooden spool in antique style. The little darling is made of a high quality and hand dyed german mohair. The basic color is the color of a hazelnut,the mohair itself is blond. Another very nice and interesting color..

Harry Old Man.
Toys Anna Evgeneva
USD 280.00
Author's Bear from Anna Evgeneva. Completely manual work. Development of an image and patterns author's. One of a kind. The old man was created based on the classic Teddy bears of the beginning of the last century. The head and feet are mobile, mounted on a hinged mount. The nose is embroidered with cotton threads and waxed. Glass eyes, Germany.

Artist teddy "Old"
USD 100.00
Old man, podraty, dirty with his eyes torn off. I love these ... It seems that he is with his story. It seems that he has lived a whole life ... A long and happy life ... More than one child has grown up in his arms ... He knows many secrets. And now he is in search of new hugs, loving, careful hands🤗😊😊 new stories and impressions.

Old Jo
Bear Rhymes
USD 205.01
Old Jo, Completely handmade bear of vintage hand dyed plush of dark brown color. Very pleasant to the touch. It has marks of natural wear which gives the bear this original vintage look. Old Jo is fully jointed, filled with wood wool, sheep wool, steel pellets for his weight. Amber glass eyes, shaded face with oil paints, very subtle, embroidered nose.

Teddy Red rabbit
USD 299.00
This is a beautiful and unique teddy hare. he is luxurious and made from old vintage plush. sewn on a unique pattern, Fitted with 5 cotter pins filled with sawdust and granules, tightened and tinted with oil paints Can decorate your home, wicked and be collectible. Only one copy that can not be repeated. Rad teddy bunny/ hare/ rabbit.

Old Rat
USD 107.42
Old rat.

Old bear
USD 350.00
Old bear Materials:plush , flax, 5 split pinsStuffed with sawdust,wood wool and granules.

Old bear
USD 350.00
Old bear-Lee Materials:mohair , flax, 5 split pinsStuffed with sawdust,wood wool and granules. SOFT!, glass eyes (Germane)not intended for children.

Little Old Loved 'Mavis'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
USD 135.37
Thank you for stopping by to meet a mini bear in my 'Old Loved' style, introducing "Mavis" She measures approx 6" tall when she is standing and 4" when sitting due to her design she does prefer to sit! She has been created from: Sparse pile frosted dusky purple mohair on a beige backing. Floral printed cotton fabric which has been backed / lined and aged with fabric shading pens.

Svetlana Goncharova Handmade Toys
USD 110.00
The donkey is made from old plush special processing.

VintageDeco Bears
USD 140.52
Jakub is an OOAK bear, made of schulte dense felted long pile mohair. His body is firmly filled with sawdust. Jakub has tapered arms, is five-way jointed. He has a stitched nose, mouth and paws and his nose is waxed. He wears an old pair of grey knitted trousers, with a pair of old fashioned braces and a grey driverscap.