Mia, bunny teddy-doll
Galina Khalikova
Here is a bunny teddy-doll Mia. She is a very cute creature with gentle eyes; Mia will be looking at you with all her loyalty and kindness. Her head, feet and hands are sculptured from ‘creative paperclay’. All my works are one of a kind and exclusive. The girl is completely made by hand. Mia’s ears and body are sewn from Italian viscose 9 mm;

Christian the sailor
Plush Forest Bears
Collection Individual. Name Christian, the sailor. Color Beige. Height 28cm, sitting 21cm. Weight 694g. Materials Viscose. Cloth Jacquard. Feet bottom Velvet. Ears Viscose. Finishing Oil. Filling Synthepon, steel granulate. Eyes Glass. Nose Velvet. Joints 5 splints, upper limbs enforced with wire frame. Self-standing No, can only sit. Seriality One of a kind, unique. Pattern Authentic. Aroma None. One of a kind. Hand made. Collectible item.

Yorkie Love
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
Cute little puppy yorkie, named LOVE. A perfect gift for lovers of sweet little puppies! Very tender baby as if alive lying on her soft crocheted blanket in a wicker basket.

Handmade. One of a kind. Collectible jointed soft toy. German Shulte mohair. Glass eyes. Stuffed with fiberfill. . Growth: standing 7,08 inch (18 cm). Sitting 5,5 inch (14 cm). Stand with a support, sits surely. Materials:.German Shulte Mohair (very soft)., Filled with fiberfill, steel granules. Eyes are glass German., Fastenings: disks and forelocks. 10 disks, 5 forelocks. The nose and a mouth are embroidered.

Julianna Naydina Art Workshop
One of a kind artist bear, made from German Schulte luxe mohair. Face: Hand needle felting, Glass eyes, Glass granulate. 100% hand made!

Briar Rose Bears
Phoebe by Briar Rose Bears. Handsewn from beautiful long wavy mohair, in a lovely cream colour. Approx 11" tall 5 way cotterpin jointed Black glass eyes Hand stitched brown nose/mouth Velvet paw pads She wears yellow and pink ribbons around her neck, and a little white flower by her ear, Phoebe is a one of a kind bear, she comes with a Briar Rose Bears label and paper tag.

Sleeping Puppy Oliver
Cutest Arts
One of a Kind Sleeping on a coussion Puppy Oliver . Puppy is not glued to his coussion. Oliver measures 2 inches Puppy Oliver comes with a COA and his little cussion. These little miniatures are unique, one of a kind pieces and will never be duplicated.You will never find an other one like it anywhere.

Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
He waits for his mommy. He is kind and tender. Tim adores cherry jam. He will accompany you in the morning and will meet you in the evening. And if you will be sad – he will bring you joy. Tim will be the kind and loyal friend.

Old bear Leo
bears by Olga Rybkina
I`m happy to present you my new teddy bear. Bear Leo a real gentleman. Height 24 cm standing and 19,5 cm sitting. The bear was sewn from viscose . Arms and legs on cotter pins, head on a double cotter pin,handles and legs can move 360 degrees. Inside the bear is sawdust. In the tummy is a mineral granulate. He can not stand himself. He is completely handmade.

FLOWELICIOUS is another in our series of bears made from One of a Kind hand-dyed mohair. She is 9in/23cm in height and is made from 23mm dense mohair which has been hand-dyed in pink/red/blue/mauve colours. She is completed with colourful fuchsia cashmere foot and paw pads; is fully jointed;

Margie's Bears and Creations

Cat teddy
Bears & friends
Charming, kind velvet cat Teddy!

Fox Blueberries
Plush gang by Svetlana Semenova
Meet! Clown Blueberries!

Airy Bears
Bear Robert is 23 cm / 9'' tall. He is One of a Kind teddy bear. Robert is made of dense short pile mohair and wool felt for his paws, fully cotter pin jointed, has German glass eyes and embroidered cotton nose. He is stuffed with polyfill and weighted with tiny glass beads. His face has been shaded with "copic" markers. He wears silky lace ruffle collar.

the Little Ninny
Tectum naguarum
A bit strange black bear with big heart. He is 5 inches (13 cm) standing tall. Made fully by hands from German viscouse fur. 5 teddy joints paws and head can move. Stuffed with pure wood chips and metal granules for a pleasant feel in your hand and better sitting. Glass eyes. Wears hand-sewed cotton pants and rose necklace.