Street cats Beggars ooak toy, 11.4 inches (29 centimeters)
!!!MEGA-DISCOUNT!!! !!!OLD PRISE -$700!!! Ostap Bender and Kisa are the characters of the book "Twelve chairs" . This is a classic satirical novel by the Soviet authors of Odessa by Ilf and Petrov, released in 1928.

Teddy bear ooak
The teddy bear ooak sewed from viscose of Italy\France.Bear filled with sawdust and glass granulate.The bear is decorated with a vintage ribbon and key.His paws and the head are mobile because of special fastening. Eyes are made of glass.Bear decorated vintage ribbon and key .

Height is 9 cm OOAK The upper paws are bend.

Teddy bear classic teddy bear
Teddy mohair bear Stuffed Bear 12.0 inches (32 centimeters) Mohair Bear is 32cm. OOAK, classic style. He is very lovely. Made from exclusive German mohair, German glass eyes, sawdusts, 5metal pins. All of my toys are 100% natural - mohair, old plush, glass, sawdust, cotton, silk.

Elephant Mary
Hello! This is my new OOAK elephant - Mary. She made from the German viscose. She is 8.5 cm high(~3 inch). She is stuffed firmly with polyester and metal pellets. She toned oil paints. She is fully jointed, 6 way jointed, double jointed neck (head is swinging). Elephant has black glass eyes.

Teddy doll Lilu
Galina Khalikova
A lavender bunny teddy-doll's name is Lilu. She is a very cute creature with gentle eyes; Lilu will be looking at you with all her loyalty and love. Her head, feet and hands are sculptured from ‘creative paperclay’. All my works are one of a kind and exclusive.

OOAK Artist Teddy Bear / Himalayan Bear Guido / Brown Teddy Bear / Handmade Artist Teddy Bear / 5,5 inch Teddy Bear / Collectible Teddy Bear
Collectible Teddy Bear Himalayan Bear Guido - funny little fat man. Rather thick bear :) He loves to tasty meal and soak up the warm palms. The Teddy Bear kid is 14,5 cm growth. This Handmade Artist Teddy Bear can not stand on its own (technological feature), loves to sit more.

Elephant teddy Eva
Nata Stulikova Teddy bear
Mammoth or elephant? Well, what's the difference? Just a little kid., Girl, beautiful. Mammoth Eva. Mohair, splint mounting, inside the sawdust. Height 22 cm Sitting 15 cm Only knows how to sit Artistic darning. Tinted artistic oil. Tortur. Key ceramic. Shabby ribbon.

Oksana Matviienko
Artist teddy Bear OOAK. The bear is made by the author's pattern, completely handmade. The hands,legs and head can be turned due to the special joints. Materials used: artificial fur, metal granulate, sawdust. Artificially aged. Dry clean only. Only for adult collectors.

Hello! This is my new Teddy bear Bernard. Bernard is 19 cm height in a full size. Height in a sitting position 15 cm. He made from real vintage velvet deep saturated color, stuffed with sawdust, wood wool, metal and mineral granulates.

Artist teddy bear Jane - OOAK teddy bear - Stuffed toys - Nursery decor
Libellula Lilla
Do you think little bears like playing with their friends, joking and eating sweets? Yes, usually it is so, but not in this case. Little Jane is fond of reading books. In the morning or in the evening she takes her book and dives into her romantic world .

Marine Bear
Elena Volchkova
Sea breeze fairy - tender and affectionate little bear girl. OOAK bear made from viscose. Height 6,5 inch (16,5 cm) Materials: viscose, glass black eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with sawdust. Teddy bear has a soft tummy, filled with sawdust and rubber granules.