2 bears Elvis and Alice
Pogorelaya Daria
2 bears: Elvis and Alice Made from a vintage plush Eyes glass Germany 5 disk connections Filled with: mineral granulate, sintapon Polymer clay Height 20 cm Everybody has a blanket, a pillow Wooden stand More photos on request

Frazzle Black Bear
MaxiLynn Bears
Big boy Frazzle is a large black bear who is looking for forever cuddles. If you like big bear hugs & eat lots of fish then he is the boy for you. Frazzle sits at 21” & stretched out is 31”. He is 5 way jointed. His neck does not rotate. His head & limbs do. He has intense English blue glass eyes that contrast wonderfully with his rust coloured muzzle.

Bear Blake
Pogorelaya Daria
Interior Toy Quality artificial fur, very touchable to the touch Polymer clay Leather Eyes glass handmade Paws, head disk fastening In the paws is a skeleton (Germany) Filled with syntapone granulate Comes with a soft pillow and ethnic decoration Sitting height 50 cm Can stand with a wooden stand

Konstanton OOAK teddy bear Suwn from german mochir Staffed sawdust and minirale granulate Aging, flavored ceadr On the neck brounse bell. Hi is looking for a new houme.

Oksana Yurchenko
Baribal, black American bear. Full size 48.5 cm = 19 inches. A realistic toy is made of materials of the LUX class. Materials: artificial fur, natural suede glass eyes, fimo the paws are on the disks and cotter pins, steel balls artificial fluff., Stuff: lockline, steel granulate wood chips., Paws, neck, trunk turn in any direction and under any degree according to your desire, the head rotates in any direction. . =========================.

Polar Bear
Oksana Yurchenko
Full size 55 cm = 21.5 inches. Realistic toy made of materials class LUX. materials: faux fur, leather eyes texidermia, Fimo La Doll, paws are on disks and cotter pins + Spine Lockline glass balls, artificial down. craquelure, gold plated. Paws, neck, torso rotate in any direction and to any degree according to your desire, the head rotates in any direction. The mouth opens and closes freely, effortlessly, made on magnetic connections.

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