Panda Luke
Pogorelaya Daria

Marvin Teddy bear OOAK sewn from long-haired mohair soft Germany stuffed with sawdust wool and mineral granulate, glass eyes, 5 cotter pins weighs 450 grams 30 cm/ on the neck silk bow. Come with passport and description.

Bear Henry
Pogorelaya Daria

Puppy Buddy
Pogorelaya Daria

Bear Blake
Pogorelaya Daria

Polar Bear Norman
Pogorelaya Daria

Stuffed Snail ooak 3.9 inches (10 centimeters)
Let me introduce you to Sea Sun, my new pond snail . This freshwater snail, but he loves travel and dreams of seas and oceans. * Sea Sun stitched entirely by hand from German ministop, the head and arms on the cotter pins . * On the neck of the snail is shebbi-tape.

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