Wizard themed bear
Bearmore Bears
He loves to do magic and wears his cape and hat most days.

toys by Anna Zagrivnaya
Sitting size 38 cm. Size standing on 4 paws in length 46 cm, in height 30 cm. Do not stand alone. German Alpaca. The mouth may be closed or open. Upper and lower jaw. Due to the magnetic mounting mouth is free to move and can be fixed at any angle, and slightly oblique position. The head and body are connected skeleton.

Pet bear
Digory is a magical English professor, so the bear cub has got an appropriate name. Digory has an owl. I’m sure the owl is absolutely necessary for the English professor. The bear is made of hand-painted mohair and wool. In the body and legs the plastic armature is inserted.

Bear Henry
Algis bear
Bear Henry Realistic Bear Henry is designed and made by me. Height standing : 40cm (15.75") Height sitting : 34cm (13.4") Weight about 1kg. This bear is made of Germany Alpaca and has glass eyes. His nose, mouth and claws are made of polymer clay. The paws are made of Alcantara Ultrasuede. The bear's mouth can be half-opened or closed, the lower jaw can be fixed in any position of your choice.

Realistic panda Moona
Made of artificial fur of high quality. This realistic teddy bear takes 38 cm sitting, 53 cm in height (he can not stand alone). A bear can move its head, arms and legs in many directions, because it has a skeleton. The soles of the feet are made of genuine leather. The bear is painted with oil paints. Fill with steel granulate and hollofayber.

Polar Bear Mia
Pogorelaya Daria
Made from Alpaca (Germany) Height (without ears 50 cm) Nose, claws, jaw: made of polymer clay. Pads of the paws (fingers) natural leather In the paws is a plastic skeleton Germany 4 disk connections, a skeleton is installed in the neck The mouth opens and closes The dress is made of staple, embroidered with beads and lace Leather sandals and bag She has her own wooden box.

Golden retriever
Olena Makeienkova
bsolutely charming child who comfortably sleeps on your hands, playfully smiles and plays, very fond of bones. The feeling is soft, gentle and pleasant to the touch. Manufacture of artificial fur. Inside are packaged holofayber. The head and body are connected by the skeleton of Lockline The paws are attached to the body of bolted joints and actuators.

Teddy bear Plusha
It is made of high-quality faux fur (the fur resembles Mouton). Bear can open / close eyes and mouth, it looks very touching. The head is mounted on a double spline, the legs on the splines and legs have a wire frame. In the belly is a glass granulate, it gives the bear weight and very nice to touch. In the chest is a silk heart.

Bear Dylan
Alla Generalova
I would like to introduce my bear Dylan. While he plays with small ships, but in the future Dylan will be the «old salt». Height-30cm, sitting – 21cm. Material – dense, curled synthetic by manufacturer Steiff-Schulte, fabric for miniature. He filled with fiberfill and glass granules are added to adjust the weight. Fully jointed – 5. He has first class German shiny brown glass eyes and his nose is embroidered and waxed.

A forest keeper
His height is 42 cm, in sitting position 33 cm The bear is made of South African mohair. It is made by hand. The head and the body are joined to the backbone (dollarmature) which helps the bear to take many positions. The legs are flexible and fastened by using t-shaped cotter pins. The nose are of wool. Claws and teeth are handmade of «FIMO». The eyes are of glass.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Dominic created from photos of puppies of the puppies, the template is completely my original pattern. A puppy of 35 cm, sitting about 26 cm, is made of French fur Tissavel and German fur. Pads of paws, ears and mouth from imitation suede.

Dog Bailey
This is my new OOAK dog Bailey. He made from the soft plush and wool. He is 9 inch high(23 cm). He is stuffed firmly with polyester and metal pellets. He toned oil paints. He is fully jointed, 6 way jointed, double jointed neck. Dog has black glass eyes.He can move his arms, legs and head. The arms and legs have a special teddy skeleton.

M. E. Bears Miniature Bears & Critters
“Snickers” is a OOAK 6” (15cm) miniature Bear. He was lovingly hand stitched from long pile German Synthetic and the paw pads are ultra suede.  He is 5-way disc and cotter pin jointed, and firmly filled with glass beads and quality poly filling.  His nose is hand stitched with stranded cotton and the glass eyes have been hand painted green.  The ultra suede eyelids and mouth all open/close.

Villa Paradiso
The name of this panda cub Zian that means Pacific, this tender fluffy baby wants only hugs in this world. one of a kind panda cub of 35cm//13,7’ tall (26cm//10,2’ sitting). 100% handmade artist work, completely hand sewn, with clay hand sculpted details. • Material: quality german alpaca fabric • Head: glass eyes with realistic pupil, airdry clay for the nose.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
Gumbo is a happy little fellow who never stops laughing. If you listen very carefully you can hear him. He’s a sweet little 2” tall bear made from super soft, fuzzy fur. He is fully jointed, stuffed with polyfill and has ultrasuede footpads that have been needle sculpted to give him super cute little toes. He has an open mouth lined with soft pink ultrasuede and glass onyx eyes.

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