The ring-tailed lemur and his baby: realistic plush toy
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Do you like rare animals? Then this plush toys for you! It's ring tailed lemur can be a great interior toy or a wonderful plush cute gift for family or friends who love handmade realistic animals! A family of lemur made from high quality faux fur. Inside filled with padding polyester.

Odrey Fox
Pretty bears
Very fluffy fox Bella with beautiful ribbon. Glass eyes, polimer clay handmade face. It sewed high quality plush. The animal is very fluffy and tender. It head, hands and feet can move. It wear cotton skirt., Completely handmade. Posable. Head, hands and legs can move., The toy in a single copy., On the author's pattern., Collectable toy. Not recommended for children under 6 years., * Measures approximately 17 cm .

Lovely friends by Audrone Eidukiene
This hand made Fox Rosario made from german mohair . He is 17cm tall . Every stitch is done by hand. His Head, legs and arms have been jointed with cardboard disks and pins. This fox has been stuffed with polyester filling and steel pellets. His eyes are Glass eyes and felted around. His nose is embroidered with cotton and waxy.

Bunny Katya with carrots
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
A large hare made from hand-dyed viscose, softly stuffed with wood wool. Limbs and head dangling. Cotton dress with vintage lace and hand embroidery.

Materials: papier-mache,viscose, cotton, acrylic, knit, tempera paint, lacquer, sawdust.. Head, paws-papier-mache..5 splint connections, painted with acrylic and tempera.

pockets full of stars
!Attention, please! 100% work repeat is not possible! On request, you can choose the fabric color for the elephant, the color of the hat and the drum. Elephant on the last photo repeat work made to order. Teeny vintage style teddy friend- elephant. Sewn from vintage plush, stuffed with wood sawdust , weighted with gravel, 1 disc jointed , eyes- glass, artificially aged, and tinted oil for aged look. Completely sewn by hand.

Natalina Toys
This fox is sewed from viscose, stuffed with sawdust and metallic granules. The clothes are handmade from cotton. Glass eyes, has 6 splints. Toned artistic art pastel and oil.

Teddy Bears and Friends Oksana Gaidai
My new fox Lissi! He is 19cm tall.

Teddy Bear Patrick with little swan
Alyona Kravchenko
Patrick is vintage style teddy bear boy. He has hand knitted swan on his flank and grate silk bow. He was lovely created of German mohair.

Fluff Truffle & Puff Bears
Honey Stuffed Horse / Pony Incorrect? Contact Us By Fluff Truffle & Puff Bears. 8.6 inches (22 centimeters). Handmade hand stitched pony approx 22cm By Fluff, Truffle & Puff Bears. She is made from high quality materials and with care. Made from German mohair and filled with fibre filling. Traditional cotter pin jointed head and limbs. She is created. from my own design pattern. Each one is OOAK with their own individual features.

Teddy by Tatiana Fedorova
My new collection " my best friend» Bears have a size that is convenient to take with you) Bear made of viscose and artificial suede.

Teddy bear Braun
Bear Braun in vintage style. 5-way jointed. Height: 24 cm Materials: antigue plush Glass eyes. The nose is embroidered and covered with wax.

The bear "Valentinich"
Aleksandra Nelina
The bear "Valentinich" is 40 centimetres height. Valentinich was sewn from German mohair.

The elephant is sewn from ancient plush. Stuffed with sawdust and mineral granulate. Mounting 6 pins.Glass eyes.Cotton clothing.

Plush Forest Bears
ear, origin 2016, Ulm.