Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
Fox Teddy OOAK, collectible toy for you) Kornelius A very small fox. Wants to become your friend! Maybe he waits for you? The growth of the fox around, 4,7", 12 cm USED MATERIALS: German mohair. EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. Inside the artificial balls and granulate. Fox tinted artistic pastel . The Collectible fox teddy is made in the single copy.

the Geek Bird
Tectum naguarum
It is the Introvert Bird that loves SpongeBob and Rammstein, eclecticism and anarchy. Has obscurity in the eyes and a persistent sense of it's own highbrow taste. Please keep the Bird away from drafts and your own musical taste (ha-ha, I'm joking). The Bird is 8 inches (20 cm) standing tall. Made fully by hands from Vintage plush and cotton fabric. 5 teddy joints paws and head can move.

Collectible Teddy Bear Swen
My Sweet Teddy by Yunia
Please meet Swen, aged Teddy bear. He likes smell of old photos and blueberry confiture with crispy baguette in warm family circle! He is 30 cm or 11,8 inches height, made totally by hands with natural mohair and felt in classic teddy technology, fully joined, stuffed with sawdust and some small mineral granules in her tummy for extra weight. His suit is made of cotton cloth with wooden buttons.

Friend Forever
Iris and Co
9 inches (22.8 centimeters). I'm glad to introduce you to the new vintage teddy bear Friend Forever. Teddy toy sewn from viskose fabric. Size approx is 9 in in when standing. Toy has 5 pins. Mixed Stuffing: sawdust and rubber granulate. The bear only sits alone and stand with support. This teddy bear tinted by oil paints. This pattern made by the author. Thank you for visit!

Maks and Liiza
Teddy by Nadezda Uibopuu
Original sculpture. One of a kind.

Teddy bear
I want to introduce you my new Bear! He doesn't have a name cause he will be getting his name at new home. Materials:. German mohair. Eyes are glass German. Stuffed with sawdust . Fastenings: disks and forelocks (he is fully jointed). The jacket is made of Japanese cotton fabric. Handmade. Bear's tinted oil paints. He can sit surely but cannot stand. Original sewing pattern.

Alfonso a Christmas gift
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Alfonso the puppy of the French bultdog can become an excellent gift in the year of the Dogs 2018 Alfonso created from photos of puppies of the French bulldog, the template is completely my original pattern. A puppy of 32 cm, sitting about 26 cm, is made of German plush. Pads of paws, ears and mouth from imitation suede.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Cat Blanche is sewn from German viscose manual color. Its height 6.3 inch, 7.87 inch upright (sitting 16 cm,length 20 cm). Full of sawdust. She has German glass eyes. The head, hands and feet are attached with cotter pins. Turn. Cap connected manually. Clothing is made from cotton. The fabric is painted by hand. All clothing is removed. Czech seed beads. Blanche could only sit. One of a kind!

Meet the bear for New Year - Yolka
Get the things you may need ready in good time! Meet the bear for New Year Yolka. ("Yolka" is the Russian word which means "new year`s tree", "fir-tree"). She wears "fir-tree" dress. Bear`s body and cap are of holiday`s colors noble green color, looks like real pine with hoarfrost. Vintage plush is emerald inside and a little burnt out from time.

Street dog
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Dear friends, I draw your attention that I have discounts on toys in the store, so welcome to my page. (prices are lower than they were originally!). A street dog, very unusual and kind. Become your faithful friend, because the dog is a symbol of the coming 2018. He will bring you good luck! Sewed from artificial fur and fur for miniature (paws).

Terry puppy
Nice teddy puppy Terry.

Deer Helene
Olena Koretska
Teddy Bear will be a wonderful gift for You and Your family! Who can remain indifferent to these lovely creatures, created with love and care!. The deer made of mohair. Filled sawdust and steel granules. Glass eyes. 5 cotter pins. Clothes linen, lace, ribbons, faux fur, decorative flower. The cart steel. Flowers in cart the linen. Height 22cm . Teddy deer Helene is my original design, OOAK.

French bulldog named Penguin. Teddy bear. Portrait your pet Artist teddy bears.Portrait your pet. OOAK.
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
This item was maded to order. I accept custom orders on repetition this item or create a new on your pet's photos. I now have a waiting list for 2 months in advance. Please specify the terms of creating a personal message and feel free to ask me questions, For each work I doing individual pattern, given color and structure of your pet.

Iskorka the Elf of night
Let me introduce you to my new baby girl named Iskorka. Her name means "little spark", and she is a baby-spirit of night flame. These cute harmless creatures can be seen only in the dark and they love to gather around the flame of the night fire. They are not shown to people, but only from afar admire the flames, and catch sparks flying away from the fire.

Shabliy Kristina
4.3 inches (11 centimeters). OOAK, author work from Kristina Shabliy, my original copyright design & pattern. All photos my author's work, a little color may differ from the actual. If you have any questions please contact me. Bear size 11 cm., * Made of Viscose Italy He has german glass eyes. , * Stuffed with sawdust and metal granules.

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