Composition of hares
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Set 2 rabbit girl Marina and Sergey boy, balloon. Two dreamy heroes found each other, they dream of traveling and flying! The balloon takes them to faraway countries ... Growth bunnies 5 inches. The body is sewn of viscose, the head and the paws are molded of Paperclay, the other elements are made of cotton. The bunnies and the ball are weighed down by sea stones. The head on the cotter pin. .

He is looking for a new home. was born on 13/01/19. 11 centimeters 4.35" standing height approx Material used: teddy bear plush, mini plush Eyes: glass, black Filling: synthetic fluff, metal granulate, he is super heavy Connections: 5-section The front paws are flexible. You can gently bend them to take different cute positions. All my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, without sewing the machine!

Welcome to the "Mother's bear" shop. This is a small world of my creations, which I make using the technology "teddy bear". This means that their head and paws are rotated, thanks to the use of special mounts (discs and cotter pins).On the back of head all toys have a knot it's a special "sign'' in teddy bear technology,which mean that eyes are sewn,not on glue.

Griffin Kizi
Hello, I pleased to present you my new creation! Owl Griffin Kizi from my new exclusive collection "Santa`s Little Forest". Owl Griffons are a type of griffon. They are easily distinguishable from other griffons by their spotted plumage, flat face and big fluff ears. They very playful and curious. The Griffin is made of very realistic Italian faux fur of 2 kind.

Bear Iggy
Cutest Arts
One of a kind Miniature Bear Iggy. This little bear is made of felt Iggy stands by himself He is not jointed but most of my other bears are Comes with a COA. VERY IMPORTANT. International Shipping is very expensive For LOWER SHIPPING, please contact me.

Mr Flint
JuNa Art
EDITION: OOAK USED MATERIALS: paperclay, wooden stand, lace, vintage brooch EYES: German glass DETAILS: painted with acrylic paints All clothing is made by me.

Lady capybara Jenny
Olga's Furry Art
А charming lady capybara is looking for home and loving owner. It is made of viscose. Its paws and head are movable. The capybara is filled with hollow fiber. The dress, fur coat, bonnet, knickers and petticoat are removable. This is a collectible toy, it is not suitable for children. Dry clean only. You may also order me a portrait of you pet.

Jacques. Teddy Crocodile. OOAK
Cozy Josie
Jacques is a crocodile and a real Frenchman! He has a sweet belly, bright eyes and a delicate taste Jacques is a wonderful interviewee and will be happy to make a company. Crocodile sewn from german viscose ., Stuffed with sawdust and wool, weighted with metal granulate and tinted oil . Legs and head are movable. 5 way disc-pin jointed , a head, arms, legs rotating 360 degrees., Glass eyes.

Teddys By Katerina Bondarenko
Boston vintage bear, hand made by me from:viscose, supplied with sawdust, wood wool, stone chips, metal granulareye glass, palms and heels-felt tinted with oil paints, head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins 300 gr, Boston is wearing a cotton jacket with a shell around his neck. Shells were collected by me in Miami in May 2018. He is not standing,only with support.He sits well.

Teddy bear yard-keeper Fedot
Svetik Studio
Teddy bear yard-keeper Fedot is very harsh, but at the same time a good bear. He loves order and works strictly on schedule. He gets up very early, dresses his uppers and is not afraid of any work. The bear is sewn from an antique plush, painted in a dusty pink color. In places, the pile is plucked with tweezers, which gives it vintage.

Berty is a little different from my other bears. He is made from a soft short fabric, that is quite soft and silky. He is two toned and quite a larger bear than i'm used to. His pattern is different, with a larger foot. He is lopsided, and also two toned on his sides, changing his silhouette. He has a grown bow and a hand knitted comfort blanket.

Paula the Spider
Teddies by Anna Miretska
Delivery of works will be carried out from August 5 due to my vacation. Dear collectors! With great pleasure Announcing the Summer Discount of 40% on my works at tedsby. Price of work 150 $, with a 40% discount 90 $. Paula the Spider. 'The Swamp' collection. Paula the Spider is the only one of its kind! Paula the Spider full-height (exl.hat) is 16,5 cm.

Lavender the bunny. Rabbit teddy
Irina Plaksina
Lavender the bunny.

Inessa fnd Inokentiy
Irina Vasileva
Sincerely and truely in love from the first site, these little ones are made for each other. The cuties are made of mohair and minishtof, with sawdust and metallic granules inside. They wear hand-made removable clothes. Now little ones are looking for a new house, and somebody who will love and take care of them!

Billy-Butterfly catcher
Victoria Ivanova
Little Frog

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