barn owl
Fairy House Olesya Averina
This unique toy is made in the style of a natural animal. It is made of several types of artificial fur and fur for miniature bears. Careful selection of different tissues. Also hand-painted with artificial oil. This will allow the bird's flower to remain safe for many years. Glass, German eyes. Beak and claws are made of plastic, very durable. The bird is very mobile and behaves like real.

Soul Bears by Nadya Karabas
The owlet is a part of the collection "Hundred Acre Wood", which I created after I read once again Milne's book about Winnie the Pooh. Don't look for similarities with the images of popular cartoons or illustrations. This is my view of the inhabitants of the magic forest.

Lavender owl - Violet
Empiria Dolls
The owl is 8.5 cm sitting. Material: plush, polymer clay. Full: padding polyester, granulate Wings and head have a disc connection (goes round in 360•) Glass eyes handmade paint Tinted acrylic paint . ORDERING INFO: I will be happy to make for you any owl to order, according to the photo!. DELIVERY: Little owl Violet will be packed in a special gift box and sent by mail within 1-3 days after payment.

Owl-Fox teddy
The owl is made in the style of Teddy, the head and wings spontoon on the joints in the wings and the tail of the wire frame. paws are not mobile. Eyes-hand-painted. Beak and legs are fashioned from modelite, boots are covered with natural leather. There's a silk heart in his chest. Toning art markers. Clothes on! Owl-Fox based on the drawings of Inga Palzer.

Little Owl Levi
Bears by MaGy
Cute, little Owl Levi is looking for a new home Made of synthetics plush. Glass eyes, polymer clay (nose and claws), 5-way cotter pins. Filled with fiberfill and mineral pellets. Toning by pastel and art markers. Does not can to stand independently, without the support. It was created according to the MK Irina Rusetskaya with some of my changes. Size from head to toe 3,5".

Little owl Tim
Little owl Tim is the first and youngest from the collection of "Little Orphans". Little Tim, his brother and sister were left without a mother. Their mother, kind Elina, died defending the nest and her little ones from the snake. Little owls had to grow up early. They began to take care of each other and of course they dreamed that someday they would have a mother.

Little owl Rose
Bear by Xenia Miletskaya
The owl Rose was sewn from German artificial fur. Eyes from glass are painted by hand. Her heel made of mini fabric.

Little owl
A small owl was born on July 20, 2017. Made specifically for Jill! Baby sewn on the author's pattern from sweet german plush and minishtoff, filled with warmth, good mood, holofayber. Belly weighted with glass granulate. Head, legs and wings are movable (cotter fixing), wings are reinforced, bending. Eyes are made from german glass. Beak and eyelids are felted from wool, toning dry art pastel.

Nastena Nikitina
Little bear in the costume of an owl with great pleasure will go on a journey to a new home bear cub 10cm tall a 28cm owl costume with a loop and legs, a wingspan of 30cm

Gnome with owl
Henry gnome, 23cm app,needle felting. Arm and legs with metal wire connected. All body parts are with thread connected to body. Glass eyes painted. All clothes are removable, only blouse not.. Having hanging tag., Owl Bobo, appr17cm tall. Hand sewn from my pattern with Shulter Mohair . With 6 cotter pins jointed, head on double. Stuffed with plastic granulate and real wool. Glass eyes painted.

Snowy owl
Height 36 cm (14.17 ") Wingspan 100 cm (39.37 ") Span of one wing 47 cm (18.5") Completely handmade, without the use of natural materials. Stitched from German plush. Feathers are made with the use of author's technology. The unique design of the wing allows you to fold and unfold the wings. Paws are on a wire frame. The head and wings are mounted on an artificial skeleton. Claws and beak made of polymer clay.

owl-aunt Lucretia
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
In a small old Dutch bakery lives owl-aunt Lucretia. Every evening she works on the creation of not only simple buns and pies, but also bakes the whole culinary masterpieces: chocolate bunnies with raisins, mice in sugar glaze, airy chanterelles with poppy seeds, as well as many different Goodies on her shoulder. The toy is made of 100% wool in the technique of dry felting. Head on a thread mount-movable.

Owl “Alf”
Lesya Haitova
Full height 26 cm, sitting 19 cm.

Alina Priymak
Material: Plush and Sassy Fabric Filler: polyfill (fiberfill) and mineral granules 5 way jointed Glass eyes Tinting with oil paints Completely handmade.

Irina Kirichenko
The scoop is made of German plush.All connections are movable on the pins.The fur is very difficult tinted-acridic paints, oil paints and dry pastel.Sophie can stand and sit on her own.The legs are made of baked plastic and tinted with acrylic.