Mr. Nobody
Owls Owlets
I called this bird Mr.Nobody because it did not recognize who it is a girl or a boy, and what name is it Probably it will tell this secret to the new owner when it arrives in a new home). Little owl made of artificial fur, glass eyes, a beak and claws of polymer clay, legs on a wire frame. The head and wings rotate.

Soul Bears by Nadya Karabas
The owlet is a part of the collection "Hundred Acre Wood", which I created after I read once again Milne's book about Winnie the Pooh. Don't look for similarities with the images of popular cartoons or illustrations. This is my view of the inhabitants of the magic forest.

Owl Oliver
Owls Owlets
This lovely baby's name is Oliver.

Owls Owlets
She is not a baby, but a miniature owl. Growth of 14 cm, and age ... to ask is not decent, she is a lady all the same) The owl can moves her head and wings, she can stand, but her weight light as a feather, so the she's afraid of the wind. And yet she does not like water, she protects her smoky-gray feathers on the wings and tail.

Owls Owlets
The sun warmed the ground that had melted from the snow and then she awoke Narcissa... Narcissa a tender spring flower.

Miniature owlet Frey - OOAK
I am glad to introduce you to the little girl Freya. Frey little owlet, an increase of 3.3 inches (8.5 cm.) Standing, and about 3 inches (7.5 cm) sitting. Made of German artificial fur. Filler synthetic fibers and glass beads. Mounts 5 pins. Eyes glass. Beak and legs sculpted from Fimo. The feathers of the wings and tail are made of silk. Frey joyfully trip to your home..

Owl Marble
Owls Owlets
Little owl Marble is a real sorceress. She will bewitch you with her eyes and fluffiness. Owl loves holidays and a good company. Sometimes you can hear how she silently tapes the magic words with her beak...: Domikus naydisimus!.. Hozyinus obyiavisimus !! Owl Marble is waiting for the magic to come true, and she will go to a new house..

Owl Marika and her mouse
My dear friends I'm happy to present you my new owl Marika and her mouse. This owl is my last bird of this year. Marika is made with all previous experience and author technology. Bird's joints are able to move: that gives a possibility for a bird to be more natural. Marika had been sewn from real fur, exactly arctic fox.

Owl Winter
Owls Owlets
This beautiful bird now lives with me. A very serious polar owl, does not throw feathers into the wind, frightens pigeons, but she has a tender soul, and she is looking for a friend. We walked in the park and tried to make friends with the squirrel but nothing happened. Squirrel worried only the supplies for the winter and she did not want to be friends.

Owl Fistashka (Pistachio)
Owls Owlets
Once upon a time there was a little owl. She lived in the forest, alone. She was bored, and she went to look for friends. She walked through the woods for a long time, but met no one. It was night, everyone was asleep. The owl was tired and sat down on a branch to rest. Snow fell from the sky and the owl grew whiter and whiter.

Little owl Pine Cone
Owls Owlets
Meet this cutie owl named Pine Cone: Height 12cm, Artificial fur, Eyes green, glass Head on the cotter pin, turns Wings on pins, spinning Paws on the wire frame, a little bend, In the belly, sawdust and metal granules.

Owls Owlets
When the sun warmed the branches of a young apple tree, the first spring leaf woke up from a small plump kidney). Leaf cutie owl, adores flowers and greens around ) Owl is very inquisitive and friendly) She dreams of seeing a big world and bringing a piece of happiness into it She enjoys taking pictures and loves hugs!

Owls Owlets
Poly is an absolutely manual polar owl) she does not eat mice, does not fly away for long, she suffers heat and cold, likes to be photographed and play peep-holes, because she always wins) Owl's head turns, the wings rotate and bend, the paws bend a little.

Owls Owlets
Far away in a green forest, on a small sunny meadow lived Blubell. He lived with his friends, they cheerfully sang songs, basked in the sun and, sometimes sad in the rain. One day on their meadow a mighty wind came. He saw how many beautiful blubells lived here. Wind called them with him, to see the world, but no one wanted to leave his cozy meadow.

Australian black barn owl
Fairy House Olesya Averina
This unique toy is made in the style of a natural animal. It is made of several types of artificial fur and fur for miniature bears. Careful selection of different tissues. Also hand-painted with artificial oil. This will allow the bird's flower to remain safe for many years. Glass, German eyes. The beak and claws are made of plastic, very durable.

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