Lola, American Cocker Spaniel
Girl Lola-a person of Royal blood, American Cocker Spaniel. Dog sewn from Belarusian artificial fur. There is a plastic skeleton in the body. Filling: padding polyester, synthetic fluff, hollofayber. Pads on the paws are made of Fimo, the nose is made of models. German glass eyes, eyelids are made of leather. Toy pastel-toned art. In the chest is a silk heart.

Teddy dog "Snoopy"
Marina Stepanova
Height about 18 cm, 7,08". Can stand holding onto something for support, and sits down with pleasure. Sewn on my author's pattern. Made of viscose (Germany) hand color. Black glass eyes (Germany), plastic nose, paws and ears-cotton. Eyelids wool. The dog is filled with padding polyester and metal granulate. The tail is reinforced and can bend. A dog dressed in cotton pants and a tank top or two types of cotton.

The teddy bear's name is Pavlik Teddy Bear wants to be a sailor Height 28 centimeters / 11,0 inches Bear sewn plush Stuffing sawdust, padding polyester and mineral granules The bear has glass eyes with hand-painted and eyelashes The head and limbs on the cotter pin and can be rotated 360 degrees. 5 cotter pins Bear has a nice weight, dense packing. Dressed in a sailor suit. Clothing 100% cotton. Clothing is removed.

Bunny Zosie
Teddy bunny Zosie made from pink plush. It has a soft filling with sawdust and padding polyester.

Traveller bear Puddington
Peggy & Molly Teddies
*** Puddington *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies.

Autumn story
Teddy Bears by Zhanna Zimokosova
The bear is made of German viscose. Filled sawdust and padding polyester. Paws reinforced. 5 cotter pins. Glass eyes. Nose embroidered and waxed. Tinted oil paints. 20 cm when sitting The bear is made of two halves. This is my author's idea and pattern. Both parts are connected by a metal frame. The wire is decorated using the papier mache technique and painted with acrylic paints.

Little Masha
Teddy whith love
Bear Masha is looking for loving parents.

Kitten Abigail
- Kitten sewn from German plush and ministop entirely by hand. Filled with padding polyester and glass granulator. , Legs, a head on 5-pin (rotating 360 degrees). Ears and tail on the wire (bent). , Glass eyes (handmade). Spout of polymer clay., .The toy can only do dry cleaning. , You can gently brush with a soft brush. Caution: do not wash with soap and water, it will damage its color!

I'm Zoe. I am made of faux fur (factory Schulte), my height 23 centimeters, In a sitting position 19 cm. My eyes from black german glass. Embroidered nose, covered with varnish. Has eyelids. Head on a double cotter pin. Hands and feet on the iron frame, can change shape. Muzzle haircut and tinted with oil paints. Padding padding polyester and steel shot.

Olga Nechaeva
For a long time I did not do bunnies. Today I'm showing you my bunny Anita. I stitched it manually from viscose hand dyeing. Inside, it has sawdust, sintepon, granulate, cotter pins and disks. Paws and head are mobile. The bunny has a tight padding and a pleasant weight. Clothes can be removed. Decoration flower author's manual work. Made of polymer clay.

Silver fox
Empiria Dolls
Shy and funny kid with cognac color of the eyes! The design of the neck allows the head to take various postures, ears and tail are bent. Every detail is cut and sewn by hand.

Mila Karamisheva
12.5 inches (32 centimeters). Tutsi is made of soft Italian fur of milk color. The bear is stuffed with sawdust and padding polyester. Weighted with mineral granulate. Realistic eyes.

Goose man
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Today for you an excellent white Goose the man in a hat and decoration on a neck. Made of faux fur. The beak and feet are made of plastic. Glass German eyes. The neck can bend, because the inside plastic frame. The head on the pin rotates in all directions. Inside padding polyester and mineral granules.

Natasha Milosskaya
Pig is made of plush. Filling with padding polyester and metal granulate. A patch of leather. Glass eyes.

Tiger Alonso.
Irina Kirichenko
Alonso translated from Spanish means courage, wisdom. Alonso turned out very beautiful and at the same time elegant.Sewn on a modified pattern.Can on their own stand and sit.Tail and ears are reinforced can take different positions.Filled with senstional,padding polyester and metal granulate.Eyes made of handmade glass.

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