LuckyBearsShop by Inna Kuznetsova
USD 105.00
The little girl Leleia will be happy to settle in your pens and will mischievously look into your eyes, causing a sincere smile! The baby is made of quality materials, filled with wool, the upper legs and tail are reinforced, the head is movable, the knobs are also on the pins. Glass eyes made in Germany Tinted pastel and oil art. Decorated with silk collar! Looking for warm hands!

Asian Palm Civet miniature
USD 288.26
Asian Palm Civet miniature ❤ Dear buyers ! This is unique, soft and luxurious felted miniature of civet :-) It is only one in the world for You :-) I created this cute miniature with the help of needle felting technique. By using variates of silk and wool I made him feel lifelike. Inside him is a mobile skeleton structure ( lockline ), also inside his legs is a wire frame.

Meerkat "Happiness in the palm of your hand "
Victoria Ivanova
USD 85.00
-Little Meerkat sewn from viscoseGlass eyes, Head is mobile

Bear Oliver
teddy bear in shirt

adopted USD 120.00
He is 21 cm/8.5'' tall, made of dark brown German mohair, is fully bolt-jointed, has German glass eyes, embroidered cotton nose and faux suede paw pads. Oliver is firmly stuffed with polyfill and weighted with glass beads. He wears a hand made jacket. Oliver was born in May 2019.

Bear Chester
ginger teddy bear

adopted USD 210.00
Meet one of a kind ginger teddy bear Chester! He is 35cm/14'' tall. Chester is made of dense brown and tan alpaca. He is fully bolt jointed, has amber glass eyes with eyelids and embroidered cotton nose. Chester is firmly stuffed with polyfill and weighted with tiny glass beads. His eyelids have been painted with permanent fabric paints. Chester wears a cotton ribbon.

Cute teddy bear Nutlet
Kotyonkina Teddy Bears
USD 120.00
Artist baby bear Nutlet from the autumn collection "Honey bears". Nutlet one of a kind teddy bear and 100% handmade work. Baby's looking for mom. Teddy bear is sewn from my favorite fabric for teddy sheep wool, it is very soft and tactile. All legs and head can be turned. Size 17cm and can't stand without support. The toy bear is heavy, and sits beautifully on the palm.

OOAK miniature teddy bear height 10 cm/3.94 in collectible toy for a doll house
USD 45.00
Something special is just for you. Miniature friends who fit in the palm of your hand. The bear is made from sheep wool for teddy produced in Germany.Height 10 cm/3.94in . Forelock mount head and paws. Filled with mineral granulate and wood wool,sawdust(not worth it on your own). Scarf of wool is bound by me. Not suitable for children under three years old. Dry cleaning is possible.

Teddy bear Boo
Kotyonkina Teddy Bears
USD 80.00
Funny and kind Baby looking for mom Teddy bear Boo is made of interesting two-color mohair, light on a dark basis. The only copy, there will be no repetitions! Size 17 cm, all legs and head on the splint and rotate. I used high-quality materials specifically for Teddy bears mohair made in Germany, glass eyes, synthetic filler and metal granules in the tummy to create live weight.

Vintage Teddy bear PIT
Levit Inna
USD 53.00
Little bear, 12 cm tall standing. Fits easily in the palm of your hand. You can take with you everywhere. Bear sewn on my author's pattern of viscose. Artificially aged. Instead of one eye, a button. There's a darning on the bear. Tinted pastel and oil paints. Inside Bear sawdust and granulate. Head and paws on the cotter pins. Head on a double cotter pin, swinging slightly.

Teddy bear Caramel
Kotyonkina Teddy Bears
USD 80.00
Caramel is a charming little Teddy bear Fluffy and soft Teddy bear girl. It will be a wonderful gift for a girl. All legs and head turn. Size 17 cm. I used high-quality materials specifically for Teddy bears mohair very beautiful peach shade, made in Germany, glass eyes, synthetic filler and granulate in the belly to create live weight. Bear heavy, fluffy and nice sitting in the palm.

Larisa Vasylieva
USD 257.00
Bear from the collection "Mysterious Forest". This collection has the second name "Schwarzwald". To create this collection, I used an antique German cotton carpet (Schwarzwald, Deer Rug, 1930s). This carpet was left to me by my grandmother. The carpet has a very dense cotton base, as well as cotton viscose and silk fibers. He has a very well preserved natural juicy color.

Alexa-Teddy bear
Levit Inna
USD 75.00
Alex the Teddy bear is sewn from a gentle viscose, color beige. Alex bear, though serious, but very nice. The growth of 14cm. Inside the sawdust and granulate. So she is a very nice weight. Sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. Head and legs are movable, on a t cotter pins. The bear looks at us with glass eyes. Alex is wearing a knitted button-down jacket.

Christmas bear-elf
Plush&Co by Alina Alexeeva
USD 99.00
This Teddy bear doll is in a static position, primitive doll. Can only turn his head. Soft stuffing as if alive: with sawdust, mineral granulate and wool for felting. The weight is 80 gr. Comfortable lie in the palm of your hand. The height is 15 cm. A sweater, a cap and socks can be removed as a surprise you can find a volumetric embroidery on the tummy.

Teddy bear pocket friend
Northern bears by Olga Galickaya
USD 107.42
I suggest You sew to order, that's such a cute pocket friend It fits easily in the palm of your hand and any purse. The size of the baby is about 14 cm. On choice, I you will offer color skins, will discuss one accessory, whether bow, a ribbon, pendant. Production time 3 days. The price is excluding delivery.

Kotyonkina Teddy Bears
adopted USD 120.00
Sweety one of a kind teddy bear and 100% handmade work. He is fluffy baby bear and so cute) The baby resembles a green apple, which is slightly ripe and has a pink side Looking for mom Sweety can be a cute handmade gift for a girlfriend, mom or just for lovers of teddy bears. All legs and head can be turned. Size 17cm and can't stand without support.