MONO Panda Bear
Author collectible teddy bear. Artist Teddy Bear OOAK. MONO sewn by hand from beautiful alpaca fabric beige and black color. His eyes are black German glass. The bear is stuffed firmly with wood chips like real old toy, it is very special feeling touching the bear. He is fully jointed and has his legs, arms and head movable. He is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate.

Teddy Panda Brady
Kikka studio
Teddy panda Brady is made of viscose Schulte by my artist pattern. Brady is stuffed of sawdust and metallic pellets. He has glass eyes.The bear is fully jointed in the way of 5 pins and discs red fibre. This bear I didn't shadow because I love his form and I think black and white monochrome suits him very much.

Panda Lilit
This panda is 18 cm (7 inches) of heigh.

Panda Bao
This is my new OOAK panda Bao . He made from the mohair, viscose and wool. He is 3,5 inches high. He is stuffed firmly with polyester and metal pellets. He toned oil paints. He is fully jointed, 5 way jointed. Bear has black glass eyes. He can move his arms, legs and head. Completely handwork, not the sewing-machine. Comes from a smoke-free home!

Panda Red
Panda Red is made of vintage plush and minishtof. Decorated with beads and rhinestones, vintage tulle. Filled with sawdust and sea pebbles.

Сollection "Little friend"
Alena Haurylava
One of the kids of the collection "Little friend" mixed media, head and legs are made on the splinter mount, viscose body, filled with sawdust, tinted, silk ribbon.

skye rose bears
pom by skye rose bears 13½ inches (34.2 centimeters) Category: Stuffed Panda Bear .

Panda Quentin
Pogorelaya Daria
The toy is made of faux fur (plush) Height sitting 30 cm (excluding ears) Eyes glass Nose, claws, jaw polymer clay Paws and pads made of leather Inside the toy is a plastic skeleton (made in Germany) movable jaw Filled: rubber granulate, wool Panda has pajamas, pacifier Move to a new home with a pillow and leather passport

Red and white Panda
Cuddlesome Critters
This sweet little Panda is entirely hand-sewn from German viscose and has German glass eyes.

PANY a OOAK bear, 18.5 cm in height , made of hand painted plush. German glass eyes.

For blythe doll Christmas toy Yellow Monster mushroom pale toadstool Teddy bear woodsman Panda Gift Toy for her woodland fall Amulet
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
Panda Monster for you and yours Blythe! When you leave the room, the monsters play with your doll blythe And when you sleep monsters guard your peace. Monsters will serve as the best talisman against evil looks.

OZ Olga Zharkova
Who said that the elephant, the Panda does not exist?) I used to think so too. Nowhere and never seen such a way of. So decided sew this) Perhaps this the first elephant Panda in world Sewn from vintage plush and viscose. Filled with sawdust and sand. It has a movable attachment limbs. Tinting with oil paints. On the head of a beautiful bow. Not a game. Collection only.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
Panda Aki made of viscose. Eyes is from glass. The bear is stuffed with sawdust and weighted with metallic granules. 5 cotters.Decorated with ribbon shabby.

Sea panda
Les ours de Lu
• One of a kind bear • Completely hand sewn from soft german plush • Glass eyes • Glass nose • Five way jointed with discs and cotter pins • Filled with fiberfill • Handmade pants, vest and sailor collar (can be removed) • Approximately 21 cm in full height • Cannot stand without support.

Panda Shicco
The panda is made in the technique of teddy, filled with sawdust and two types of granules: metal for weighting and rubber for soft tummy.