MONO Panda Bear
Author collectible teddy bear. Artist Teddy Bear OOAK. MONO sewn by hand from beautiful alpaca fabric beige and black color. His eyes are black German glass. The bear is stuffed firmly with wood chips like real old toy, it is very special feeling touching the bear. He is fully jointed and has his legs, arms and head movable. He is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate.

Teddy Panda Brady
Kikka studio
Teddy panda Brady is made of viscose Schulte by my artist pattern. Brady is stuffed of sawdust and metallic pellets. He has glass eyes.The bear is fully jointed in the way of 5 pins and discs red fibre. This bear I didn't shadow because I love his form and I think black and white monochrome suits him very much.

skye rose bears
pom by skye rose bears 13½ inches (34.2 centimeters) Category: Stuffed Panda Bear .

Red and white Panda
Cuddlesome Critters
This sweet little Panda is entirely hand-sewn from German viscose and has German glass eyes.

Sea panda
Les ours de Lu
• One of a kind bear • Completely hand sewn from soft german plush • Glass eyes • Glass nose • Five way jointed with discs and cotter pins • Filled with fiberfill • Handmade pants, vest and sailor collar (can be removed) • Approximately 21 cm in full height • Cannot stand without support.

Panda Red
Panda Red is made of vintage plush and minishtof. Decorated with beads and rhinestones, vintage tulle. Filled with sawdust and sea pebbles.

Panda Lilit
This panda is 18 cm (7 inches) of heigh.

Teddy Panda Luna
Charming baby Teddy Panda Luna .

Teddy bear panda Oduvanchik
Svetik Studio
Teddy bear Oduvanchik is the most amusing and playful panda. He likes to throw the ball up and perform unusual tricks. Entertains with his amusing behavior not only children but also adults. Is happy to receive applause for his numbers. Teddy bear is made of combined German viscose black and white. He is densely packed with sawdust. Bear’s pile tinted with art oil, in places plucked with tweezers.

May Panda Girl
Brambly Woodland
May Panda Girl is sewn from alpaca. Stuffed whit sheep woll, sawdust, glass, plastic and rubber pellets.

Teddybear made of plush;the weight 122 gr, stuffed with sawdust, and mineral granulate in the body;5Т-shaped cotterpins;, eyes are glass;nose plastic;, pastel toning Pattern by N.Klimovа

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
Panda Aki made of viscose. Eyes is from glass. The bear is stuffed with sawdust and weighted with metallic granules. 5 cotters.Decorated with ribbon shabby.

Panda Luna
Panda Luna One of a Kind 19 cm ( 16 cm) Materials: body: alpaca; , paw pads: ultrasuede; joints: 5-way jointed with cotter-pins, and disks (all joints are wobble); filling: fiberfill, glass beads; , eyes: glass eyes ; nose: felted nose has been sealed and sanded; , face: oil, pastel shaded. Рarasol: paper, bamboo, wire. .

Panda cub Mai Li
I present to you a charming panda cub Mai Li. Size 26 sm sitting, full-length 27 sm. Materials: alpaca, stuffing: fiberfill, glass granulate. lockline (plastic skeleton sewn into the back), nose epoxy paws reinforced with wire, claws polymer clay pads on the paws from artifical suede (are covered with acrylic paint), eyelids can be closed and opened. Take any position. Mai Li comes with a certificate.

Panda antistress
bears by Alexandra Yaskevich_masterdobra
Very cozy, tactile anti-stress toy. She can always be with you in your pocket or purse. The body is pleasantly and soothingly rustling balls. Hand-sewn from vintage plush. The head on the cotter pin. Body one-piece. Stuffing mixed: synthetic winterizer + glass and rubber granules. Glass eyes. On the neck is a ribbon bow. On the back is a leather name tag, comfortable to hold for it.