I would like to introduce Winnifred a traditional teddy ready for afternoon tea with the ladies. . She is 13in (34cm) from feet to the top of her head (not including hat). She is made from a combination of Steiff-Schulte honey gold mohair and mink patterned faux fur (coat and hat) complete with matching ultra suede foot and paw pads. She is fully jointed;

Felix is a pretty big bear. He is 39cm/ over 15 inches including his hat. He is a very dapper gentleman with his satin waistcoat with its big button, and his felt hat with satin trim. He has glass eyes, hes faux fur, has cotton paws, fully 5 way jointed, glass eyes, embroidery, and plastic pellets. He is a lavender/grey faux fur with floral paw patterns.

Teddy by Lena Volodko
Fox Alex is a brutal macho. He love heavy rock and motorcycles! On his hands are leather bracelets, in the ear of the earrings. He loves freedom, travel and speed. The fox is sewn from a vintage plush. Artificially aged. Inside are wooden sawdust, 5 cotter pins, metal and glass granules. The toy is tinted with oil paints. Black glass eyes, production of Germany.

Peaches The Puppy Dog
MaxiLynn Bears
Peaches is a playful spaniel dog who loves company & playing with her toy bone. She will be a sweet & loyal friend. Peaches is 20 inches tall but sits at 14 inches. She is made from alpaca (face & body) & three different types of luxury mohair. She has been extensively needlefelted on her muzzle & head. Her eyes are English glass & her nose is handmade by me from clay.

Fuzzy Wu Bear
MaxiLynn Bears
Fuzzy Wu is an extremely happy bear who likes to infect others with smiles! If you cannot smile then he’ll be happy to act as a cuddly companion for loving squeezes. Fuzzy sits at 16” & is 29” tall. He cannot stand. He is made from two different types of soft & luxurious faux fur, a short pile & a longer pile. His eyes are English glass & they have big needlefelted eyewhites.

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