Molly Peach
OZ Olga Zharkova
Sewn from vintage plush, hand-painted. The increase in ear 28 cm. Glass eyes. Moving limbs. Filled with sawdust. Ears take a predetermined shape. Tinted watercolor. Dry clean only.

Margie's Bears and Creations

Please meet Albina a sweet fluffy girl. Sitting position size: 20 cm (8 inches) . Main materials: blond mohair on the peach base, glass eyes .

Romantic Bunny
Soul Bears by Nadya Karabas
She have magnificent eyes and a skin that, however hard you tried to find a less hackneyed way to describe it, you could only call peach-like. She is infinitely alluring... Bunny is part of the collection “After the Performance”. In this collection you will see young and talented actors who believe in their success. The Bunny made of Germany viscose.

Empiria Dolls
Gentle Bunny pinkish-peach color. His lower legs make me crazy. He is executed in the mixed technics from the viscose and a polymeric clay. Stuffed by synthetic fluff and pellets. Has a 5-pin cotter pin (legs and head are rotate). Eyes glass. Tinted with acrylic and oil paints. .

The Jaded Bearsmith
Lolanthe is very shy but also very sweet. She loves pearls and is adorned with a pearl necklace and even has her ears pierced and wears big hoops decorated with a flower, a bird, a leaf and a pearl. Her fur is a 15mm dense wavy purple mohair and her inner ears and paws are a straight 16mm mohair in coral.

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