Peter Rabbit
Svetlana Gavrilova
adopted USD 300.00
Peter . rabbit 9 cm , sit 7 cm. The rabbit was sewn from Italian viscose. Clothes made of cotton, tinted and aged. Materials: viscose, sawdust, metal granules, glass eyes. Miniature leather inserts on the paws.

Peter Rabbit
Mi-Misha by Olga Mitina
USD 115.00
The Teddy Peter Rabbit is made of viscose, It is 12cm tall with ears and without ears 9cm and has 5 joints, stuffed with wood chips and metal granules. Eyes are made of glass. Hand-painted with oil and acrylic paints. Jacket's off. SHIPPING: The Teddy will be sent via registered airmail small parcel. It has a tracking number (trackable all the way in most countries.

Peter Rabbit
Favorite teddy
adopted USD 95.00
Author's work. Single copy. Material: plush Glass eyes (Germany). Stuffing: sawdust, metal granulate. Clothing: cotton. Oil tinted, pastel. Worth with support. Growth with ears 18 см. Dry clean only.

OOAK Collectible Miniature teddy bunny - Artist teddy rabbit - Doll friend
Farberova Olga
USD 75.00
OOAK Collectible Miniature teddy rabbit 2.5 inch. Artist teddy bunny. Friend for Blythe doll. Dollhouse miniature. Teddy rabbit is the best gift for your friends and loved ones! Size: stand, without ears 5.5 cm, with ears 6.5 cm (2.56"), . Rabbit wears sweater and pants. You can take off his clothes. The head and paws rotate, on the cotter pins. Materials: fur, cotter pins, fiber discs, polyester fiber, beads, steel pellets, yarn, wool.

Rabbit from the circus, Stuffed Bunny, 9.4 inches (24 centimeters)
USD 170.00
Let me introduce you to Harlequin, a Bunny from the circus. This is the first toy from my new VIP-collection " Circus-2017". In this series, all the toys will be exclusively in a single copy. Harlequin stitched from antique plush three colors by the author's pattern. He is stitched entirely by hand. Feet and ears (inside) made from fabric for mini bears.

Snowball Bunny.Snowball a white rabbit .Handmade toys.
USD 50.00
Snowball is an abandoned rabbit and the primary antagonist of The Secret Life of Pets and a major character in the incoming sequel. He is the formerly leader of an animal gang, The Flushed Pets. When he led The Flushed Pets, he despised the domesticated pets of New York and their owners.

Favorite Bears
adopted USD 300.00
KARPUSHA..Funny rabbit!!! With it's interesting and don't want to be sad!!! Ahead of the summer, which means the most wonderful emotions..I wanted to create just such a cheerful rabbit that looking at him,I wanted to laugh... The rabbit is sewn from vintage plush,inside sawdust and mineral granulate..The eye-glass..

Rabbit teddy
USD 140.00
Rabbit sewn by hand from a German plush. Height 15 cm. Head and legs move. Packing of sintepux and metal granulate. Glass eyes.

Rabbit Christopher
USD 60.00
Meet the rabbit Christopher! He is a big dandy, loves himself and his reflection in the mirror Height of the toy taking into account the ears 8 inches\ 21 cm The toy rabbit is made of plush, dense stuffing with sawdust and granulate. The eyes of the rabbit are made of glass. The head and limbs on the cotter pin and can be rotated 360 degrees. 5 pin Rabbit tinted with oil paints.

Peter 4 Rabbit
Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 84.00
Peter 4 rabbit is sewn from German viscose Schulte, stuffed with sawdust and holofiber and glass granulate, tinted with oil, all legs move.

Svetlana Gavrilova
adopted USD 350.00
Captain. rabbit 9 cm , sit 7 cm. The rabbit was sewn from Italian viscose. Clothes made of cotton, tinted and aged.

Peter Rabbit
Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 75.00
Peter Rabbit is made of viscose, there are pine sawdust and sintepukh, glass eyes, Rabbit has a jacket slightly aged.

reserved USD 125.00
Collectible teddy bunny Bertha. Height with ears: 24cm/9.5 inches. Height: 20 cm/7.9 inches. Weight: 177g. In the sitting position 19 cm/7.5 inches. Single copy, autor outfit and toning. Rabbit can sit and stand with support. Comlitely hand made, no machine sewing. Materials: viscose, cotton, watercolor, glassy glass eyes, oil paints, cotter pin in head and paws . Filled with sawdust, metallic and mineral granulate. Mount-disk pin head and 4 paws. Care recommendations : .

USD 99.00
Sweet Summer Rabbit Boy now looking for new caring parents. He's so shy and cute I know you'll love him. One of my most deary "kids". This lovely teddy was created by me and it have 11 cm tall. This babe was made from high quality materials and stuffing. It will make a perfect gift for your children, family members, colleagues or friends.

Rabbit Richard
USD 95.00
I want to meet you with Mr. Rabbit! He is very busy, but now he came to drink coffee and read the Times newspaper. The rabbit can sit and stand. The viscose sews from German viscose, its paws and head move, the disk mount. The ears are reinforced, they hold the form. tail is sewn from delicate Japanese cotton, lined, is removed.