Mini pig Docia. Height is 3.9in (10 cm) one of a kind mini pig He can not stand alone.

Pig Masja
Pig Masya is the symbol of 2019... It was sewed from Polish fur on a knitted basis. Inside of the pig, metal framework was used and it was filled with glass granulate and sintepuh. The nose and the hooves of the pig were made of plastic manually and they were coloured with acrylic paints. Toning of the colours was made with oil paints.

Pig Philemon
Teddy by Lena Volodko
Sewn from a milk plush. Inside are sawdust, metal and glass granulate. 5 cotter pins. Clothing is made from knitwear and linen. Tinted with oil paints. Wire in the ears.

Mumps. Tenderness.
Olga Zvereva
A little pig, very gentle, modest, almost a Princess. Yes, Yes, like all little girls, our pig wants to become a Princess. The baby is made of very soft and squeezable fur. Full of sawdust. Head, legs and handles on 5 pins ( all spinning, spinning). The pig sits by itself, stands with support. The dress is removed, the back fastens with three buttons. The pig is absolutely safe for children.

Miss Rosy, artist teddy pig
Kikka studio
Miss Rosy is a little teddy piggy made by me from Inga Panteleeva pattern. Her height is around 6 inches. She is made of high quality German viscose ,stuffed of sawdust and glass granule. All arms ,legs and head are fully jointed in the way of 5 pins and red fibre discs. Miss Rosy has German glass eyes.

Porky Pig
Golden Elm Bears
This is Porky the little pig.

Pig is firmly stuffed with sawdust, splintage connection, made of the Soviet plush, artificially aged, tinted oil. Clothing is removed. The work is completely made by hand.

Pig Bobby
Anna Bratkova bears
Sweet fat pig) made of german mohair, toned art oil pant, glass eyes 5 way pin disc jointed stuffed wood chips

Anastasia Besedina
the pig is sewn from vintage plush hand color, size 13.5 cm nice weighted, toned pastel.

Sweet pair
Lena Minchenkova
Here is my new sweet pair-Blue elephant and pig Oink oink. Size 15 cm(5'9 inc),13 cm(5'1 inc)while sit down. They are very pleasant to touch. They can move as both and separately. The price is indicated for two animals. Elephant and pig are made of two kinds of material. It is viscose and polymer clay Stuffing: sawdust and sintepuh Toning:pastel paints. Clothes can be removed.

Teddy by Nadezda Uibopuu
Small pig of a vintage plush, stuffed with sawdust and steel granules, has 5 way disk joints, glass eyes. Fully sewn by hand. Thank you for visiting!

The pig is embroidered from an old plush stuffed with sawdust. The eyes are the glass. connection on cotter pins. Clothes are not removed. Pig do not stand alone.

Victoria Ivanova
Little sweet piggy seen from very soft plush Unique face Head and legs are mobile(pins) Filled with wool

Mini Pig
Mini Piggy in silk pants.

Oksana Ostapchuk
The pig is made of pink viscose. Toning with pastel. The toy has movable joints. Glass eyes of amethyst color. Filler: mineral granules, holofayber. Accessories: a dress from a natural fabric