Miss Rosy, artist teddy pig
Kikka studio
Miss Rosy is a little teddy piggy made by me from Inga Panteleeva pattern. Her height is around 6 inches. She is made of high quality German viscose ,stuffed of sawdust and glass granule. All arms ,legs and head are fully jointed in the way of 5 pins and red fibre discs. Miss Rosy has German glass eyes.

Victoria Ivanova
Little sweet piggy seen from very soft plush Unique face Head and legs are mobile(pins) Filled with wool

Teddy by Elena Karasenko
Penelope charming piggy.Materials: viscose, sawdust, wood wool,Mineral granulate.Eye-glass on the loop.It is made on my author's pattern.Dress and pants made of cotton.

Let me introduce a nice collectible toy Vintage Style Plush Pig on wooden cart! The Piggy is sewn from a vintage plush, filled with sawdust, tinted with oil paints. Glass eyes. Since the stand is not removed. The wooden cart has an aged look, covered with acrylic paints. The wheels are moving, the cart is driving.

Teddy piggy Maja
Very young pig Maja is very curious and sweet.

Baby Piggy Lexie
Cutest Arts
One of a kind Miniature Jointed Baby Piggy Lexie. This little Pig Comes with a COA and her baby Bottle. Lexie is made of Soft Felt material and is jointed. Her Hat and slippers are not removable.

Pig Masja
Pig Masya is the symbol of 2019... It was sewed from Polish fur on a knitted basis. Inside of the pig, metal framework was used and it was filled with glass granulate and sintepuh. The nose and the hooves of the pig were made of plastic manually and they were coloured with acrylic paints. Toning of the colours was made with oil paints.

Teddy Trendy Bears
Baby Pig is around 16 cm. It made from mohair, has knitted hat and silk ribbon. The nose and eyes are made from La Doll. Do not drop. Use only dry clean and protect from dust and direct sunlight! Not for children and games. All my toys and dolls have been made at a pets and smokers free home!

The pig is embroidered from an old plush stuffed with sawdust. The eyes are the glass. connection on cotter pins. Clothes are not removed. Pig do not stand alone.

Teddy The Piggy
Adult childhood of Olga Kulemina
Only 4.5 inches tall. The toy is made of plush fabric. The face is made of natural wool in the technique of dry felting. Glass eyes handmade. The inimitable living glance! Looks right in the heart! Tinted artistic dry pastel. The filler is made of pure wool. The head can be easily rotated in all directions. It is curious to look back.

Mumps. Tenderness.
Olga Zvereva
A little pig, very gentle, modest, almost a Princess. Yes, Yes, like all little girls, our pig wants to become a Princess. The baby is made of very soft and squeezable fur. Full of sawdust. Head, legs and handles on 5 pins ( all spinning, spinning). The pig sits by itself, stands with support. The dress is removed, the back fastens with three buttons. The pig is absolutely safe for children.

Pig is firmly stuffed with sawdust, splintage connection, made of the Soviet plush, artificially aged, tinted oil. Clothing is removed. The work is completely made by hand.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
Pig Lusia is made from mohair (German), stuffed by sawdust, wood wool and weighted with mineral granules. Eyes is made from glass. 5 cotters

Snuppy Pig
Anna Bratkova bears
Fat noble gentleman with a light unshaven seeking a house. Mohair Stuffed sawdust, mineral granulate glass eyes bells, vintage buttom

Sleeping piggy
Miniature sleeping piggy . The toy is made by the author's pattern.