Cool Bears By NataliyaMikha
Next year is the year of the pig? In honor of this people Teddy gallochka Lolita. Sewn entirely by hand from the plush ash pink shade, tightly stuffed with sawdust, weighted granulate, legs, hands, head is on double splintage connection, muzzle and legs made of Living doll hand painted with dry pastels and oil paints. Fixed lacquer finish. The growth of pigs sitting standing 15 cm 20 cm.

Teddy pig Slaya
Marina Stepanova
Shoots a small Pig 23 cm, because it is the symbol of 2019. But it's time to think about a gift for your beloved or close people!! This sweet, smiling and slightly shy baby can win any heart. But it is also important that it is completely handmade. All seams are made by hand, carefully and with love. Sawdust and metal granulate are hidden in the tummy.

Boar Helmut
Algis bear
Boar Helmut Height standing: 23cm (9.06") Boar Helmut is made of high quality faux fur, natural wool, polymer clay and has glass eyes. All Boar's limbs are cotter pinned and have wires inside them. Helmut has wires inside his ears. Inside his head, body and tail there is the LockLine skeleton. Boar's body is fully adjustable. Filling: natural German wool and glass granules. LAYAWAY 50% payment within 1 days, 50% 30 days after.

Little Boar
The Little Boar was sewed from Polish fur.

Teddy Mini Bear Egorka
......there are mini piggies, tiny pigs, and there are minibears tiny bears) . ...Egor is just one of those! the kid is looking for a loving home.. sewn entirely by hand from Italian viscose, stuffed with felt, sawdust, glass granulate: bear on 6 cotter pins (head tilts) he sits, stands with support scarves made of cotton bear in a single copy !

Small family...
Teddy by Nadezda Uibopuu
That is the price for 2 pigs. Small pigs 10cm price 65.00 euro.

piglets Dyusha and Nyusha
Bears by Zarina Madi
A charming couple of cute pigs Dyusha (boy) and Nyusha (girl) give their love and warmth at first sight. The symbol of the next year, which is sure to be a talisman that you can always take with you. Kids only 10 centimeters in height and therefore they will be comfortable in your warm palms. materials: viscose (exclusive color- painted by hand); 5 movable mounts;

Pig teddy Musinka mini
Baby teddy pig Musinka growth of only 10 cm sitting, standing 13 cm (excluding ears) created manually from the german viscose. teddy pig musinka opalocka densely packed conifers. Head, hands and feet in pigs teddy musingi mobile. The eyes of the baby pigs of businki glass. Little teddy pig musinka dressed in a linen dress closes at back with tiny buttons, and the front is decorated with daisies.

Two pigs
Levit Inna
Two pigs. were sewn to order. if you want the same ones for yourself, I can repeat it . Height 12 cm. Sewn from viscose.

Piggy Chloe
YaMaLina (Alina Tsyganova)
Baby Chloe is a very independent girl, although also very small. She can play with her doll all day. Will you play with her? This small doll toy for pigs is sewn manually from fabric. I create with love and only in a good mood. All my toys are sewn on my unique author's pattern. Materials: viscose, fiberfill, metal granulate, cotton. Height: 8 cm in sitting position.

Smiley piglet Allie
Miss Lili's Wonderland

Ooak Hat for Blythe Piggy
Victoria Ivanova
Ooak Hat for Blythe. Sewn from plush and cotton. Wool and glass eyes. Unigue Hat for Your Blythe!!! P. S. The doll for adoption)

Little Piggy
He is very lovely and elegance. Made from German mohair, German glass eyes, sawdusts, 5metal pins, scarf knitted by me. All of my toys are 100% natural germany or japanese mohair, old plush, germany glass eyes, sawdust, cotton, silk. By my author pattern. All Bears are from a non-smoking home. My bears giving joy. I send teddy at next day after you have payed money.

Anna Rudenko
By Anna Rudenko. 9.4 inches (24 centimeters). piglet . the growth of pigs in a sitting position 24 cm not able to stand made plush vintage.

Piggy Nuf-nuf
Hello! This is my new teddy pig Nuf-nuf. He so cute and tiny little baby. He made from plush light pink color.