Artist Teddy Dog OOAK Old style Vintage plush Handmade teddy bear
Teddy Dog This is a collection teddy toy and is a perfect gift for family or friends. All toys are made of high quality materials, such as vintage plush, viscose, cotton, silk.

Duck plush Size 6.3inces Yellow duck teddy Steiff Duckling
I want to show you a miracle baby Yellow Duckling height of 16 centimetrow(6.3 inces) Its head, paws and wings move (fixing the disc). The wings are reinforced with a bend. The baby is sewn from a German plush, filled (inside) filler holofayber.

Plush Forest Bears
Year, origin - 2016, Ulm. Collection - Individual. Height - 23.5cm. Weight - 454g. Materials - Artificial plush, yarn. Cloth - None. Feet bottom - Velvet. Ears - Artificial plush. Finishing - Oil, pastel, textile marker, french knit. Filling - Syntheon, steel granulate. Eyes - Glass.


Bohemian Garnet
My love of plush 79
Вohemian Gаrnet collection "Plush porcelain" 25см. Vintage plush, felt, fabric, tape, hand bell - pink Czech Republic porcelain, glass eyes (Germany), 6-way jointed. Filling: wood chips and granulated metal. Handmade! One of a kind!

Cheshire cat
Cheshire cat. The toys series "Alice". Materials: German plush, plush for the miniatures, textiles, glass eyes handmade.

Jevgeni Bulahtin
Teddy Elephant GREEN JUNIPER This elephant is 24 cm of height, made from vintage plush color of dusty green needles(USSR 1940-60s), ears from cotton. Stuffed with excelsior and granulated material. German glass eyes. The elephant has a beautiful pullover juniper berry color and silk ribbon.

Teddy by Lena Volodko
Lucas is a kind and inquisitive rabbit, likes to go to the theater and ballet. It can not live without his beloved Lillian) Rabbit is sewn from dairy Italian plush. Inside the wooden sawdust. Head-arms and legs are attached to 5 cotter pins. What gives them mobility.

Brizo the Friendly Cheetah
Seamore Collectbles
BRIZO By Penney M 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) Hello Bear Friends, My name is Brizo and I'm a happy yellow leopard I think I look like a sweet teddy bear but have whiskers (which you can not see) I would love to venture out of the jungle and into a new family.

Street cats Beggars ooak toy, 11.4 inches (29 centimeters)
!!!MEGA-DISCOUNT!!! !!!OLD PRISE -$700!!! Ostap Bender and Kisa are the characters of the book "Twelve chairs" . This is a classic satirical novel by the Soviet authors of Odessa by Ilf and Petrov, released in 1928.

Goth bunny
This is a new Goth plush series of 2017, creepy stuffed rabbit - GOTH BUNNY toy made of stressed viscose and plush. They are inspired with gothic style and Middle sentures. Ideal companion for bjd doll in my favourite Halloween style.

Romeo and Juliet
Galina Khalikova
Romeo and Juliet I present to your attention this charming couple of rabbits from my famous collection «Two Hearts»! The rabbits are good tempered; they radiate light, warmth and love! He is quite courteous, and She is just an angel! In each of them there is a part of a soul.