Galina Khalikova
Nick is a polar teddy bear from my winter collection. The bear has a very warm sight. He will bring cosiness and warmth to your house. Nick is intelligent and very kind. He is sewn from German viscose, filled with love and softwood. He is wearing a hat with a pompon and a scarf tied by hand. All materials are 100% natural. 27 cm . All the clothes can be taken off.

Bear Lunar
Bear Lunar, Standing Height 40cm ,looking for a home.

Goth bunny
This is a new Goth plush series of 2017, creepy stuffed rabbit GOTH BUNNY toy made of stressed viscose and plush. They are inspired with gothic style and Middle sentures. Ideal companion for bjd doll in my favourite Halloween style. This handmade rabbit has moving elements which are moving paws and head, ears. He is made of real vintage handpainted viscose very soft, touchable in nice shadow colors.

Artist teddies by Nata Litun
3.1 inches (8 centimeters). Beautiful little lady. 8 cm tall sitting. Created out of Viscose "antique". 5 cotter pins. Hard stuff with fiberfill and still pellets (so he had a nice weight as if you are holding alive little bear). Glass eyes. Tinted artistic oil, darning (artificially grow old). Hand knitted dress can be removed. Completely handmade!

Red Fox Teddy
Adult childhood of Olga Kulemina
I present to you a charming bully, a cheerful Fox.

Bear Jack
Bear Jack , height standing 27cm, looking for a house.

Bear Barry
Bear Barry, Height standing on 4 legs 30cm, looking for a home.Made from plush .

Bennie Cat
Bennie Cat. He is fully jointed and can move his arms, feet and head. Bennie is made from soft and smooth german viscose fabric; stuffed with sawdust, steel pellets; glass eyes. Not for little kids.

Panda Sue-Lin
Panda Sue-Lin, Standing Height 40cm ,looking for a home.

Panda Sue-Jin
Panda Sue-Jin, Standing Height 40cm ,looking for a home.

Bear Lili
Bear Lili, Standing Height 14cm ,looking for a home.

Bear Denny
27.5 inches (70 centimeters). Bear Denny , height standing 70cm, sitting 55cm The bear is made of a beautiful artificial plush.

Charlie OOAK
Bear Charlie OOAK, height standing 70cm, sitting 55cm The bear is made of a beautiful artificial plush.

Zizz, Musical Teddy - Bee.
Oksana Yurchenko
Zizz, Musical Teddy Bee. Teddy in a full-length 33 cm sitting 23 cm (13 "- 9" inches). Made of German plush, silk and silk fur Mouton. The paws inserted leather with gold-plated. A tummy inserted in the Japanese music movement with gentle unobtrusive music, reminiscent of the sounds of ancient musical boxes. The mechanism is securely fastened in the tummy.

Little Star
Oksana Yurchenko
Rabbit named Little Star, full-length 10.6"- 27 cm, 8.6" 22 cm sitting. The baby was born 11.05.2016 year. Rabbit sewn from a mouth-watering Italian silk Mouton, the German fur and synthetic leather. Pattern rabbit head is made up of 14 parts. Ears are reinforced, Glass eyes. Filling: steel balls, fiberfill, wool, wood chips , Reinforce all joints mobile. Toning: art oil pastels ., Completely handmade.