Collectible teddy bunny Bertha. Height with ears: 24cm/9.5 inches. Height: 20 cm/7.9 inches. Weight: 177g. In the sitting position 19 cm/7.5 inches. Single copy, autor outfit and toning. Rabbit can sit and stand with support. Comlitely hand made, no machine sewing. Materials: viscose, cotton, watercolor, glassy glass eyes, oil paints, cotter pin in head and paws . Filled with sawdust, metallic and mineral granulate. Mount-disk pin head and 4 paws. Care recommendations : .

Puppy Cocker Spaniel. Stuffed.scarecrow. Animals and Plushies. Dogs.
Description Completely handmade. , Solid parts are made of polymer clay. Fully Posable. Wire skeleton., Made from high quality Faux Fur. Size: 13,4 inches (34cm).at the withers. Purchases are sent through the Russian Post. After departure, I will give you a tracking number. Approximate dates of 1-8 weeks (varies by country). I will gladly accept payment PayPal. I am always ready to answer your questions.

Baby Cheshire cat
"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there." (Cheshire cat) A toy from the world of Alice in wonderland. ABOUT ITEM: Size apporox 15 cm (~6") Completely handmade, * Face and legs are made of polymer clay Glass eyes, * Body in made from soft fur This is a collector's item and made for adults only. Will not be suitable for children. Can not be washed.

Fantastic cat
Collectible Toys Uliana
Fantasy animal, Fantasy cat – is unusual and interesting companion for people This is a soft toy, toys handmade.The toy can be a good gift for any holiday for those who love fantastic beasts and fantasy animals. Toy can sit, stand, lie down you can give it any position. ==================.

My bear Treasures
Today I’m going to show you a new bear –Caramel. It’s completely handmade out of high-quality alpaka. The face and nose are elaborated with a felting needle, in a most complicated “wool sculpture” technique. The eyes are made in a unique “lively eyes” technique, and the eyelashes make the look still more expressive. The face is toned by pastel.

January chinchilla bear
Elena Volchkova
January tiny teddy chinchilla bear from the collection "12 months of happiness" Height of January chinchilla bear 2,36 inch (6 cm). Left paw and head are unique embroidered with silk ribbons, crystals and beads. Made from plush and viscose, stuffed with wool. 5 way jointed with a t-pin and discs. Glass eyes. January is the whitest and snowiest month. His talisman chinchilla bear is just as fluffy and white.

Panda Sue-Jin
Panda Sue-Jin, Standing Height 40cm ,looking for a home.

Galina Khalikova
Nick is a polar teddy bear from my winter collection. The bear has a very warm sight. He will bring cosiness and warmth to your house. Nick is intelligent and very kind. He is sewn from German viscose, filled with love and softwood. He is wearing a hat with a pompon and a scarf tied by hand. All materials are 100% natural. 27 cm . All the clothes can be taken off.

Zizz, Musical Teddy - Bee.
Oksana Yurchenko
Zizz, Musical Teddy Bee. Teddy in a full-length 33 cm sitting 23 cm (13 "- 9" inches). Made of German plush, silk and silk fur Mouton. The paws inserted leather with gold-plated. A tummy inserted in the Japanese music movement with gentle unobtrusive music, reminiscent of the sounds of ancient musical boxes. The mechanism is securely fastened in the tummy.

Bunny Zeffy
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
Bunny Zeffy By Nata Litun. 4.3 inches (11 centimeters). New lovely bunny with irresistible eyescan travel with you in your hand bag or pocket worldwide and bring you lucky and good mood. Height 11 cm Materials: curve viscose and suede. She is filled with fiberfill and steel pellets (so she had a nice weight as if you are holding alive little bunny).

Topi Cat
Topi Cat. He is fully jointed and can move his arms, feet and head. Topi is made from soft and smooth german viscose fabric; stuffed with sawdust, steel pellets; glass eyes. Not for little kids.

Little sloth Lenny
Timchenko Oksana

The red panda: realistic handmade plush toy.
Realistic Toys Store
About toy: The red panda is made of high-quality red and black faux fur with red and black tint. Nose and claws of polymer clay. Paws of an animal are sewn from artificial suede. Glass eyes and white mustache give an even more realistic look. The panda is reinforced with wire: with ease it moves its paws, ears and tail. NEW! Also you can open and close toy's eyes.

Snowdrop the baby Elf. 7.8 inches (20 centimeters)
!!OLD PRICE IS $150!! Let me introduce you to the spring baby-elf named Snowdrop. At the end of winter, when the snow begins to melt, snowdrops the first start to bloom . And elves from clan Galanthus helps them to blossom. Elves are very careful, and see elf at his magic work a rarity and a great success. Fortunately, I'm friends with kids elves!.

Puppy Cocker Spaniel.
This toy is not available, but you can order it right now and I will make it for you. Cocker Spaniel puppy. Completely handmade. Dog sewn from faux fur, nose, pads paws cold China. Toy on the frame, which makes it mobile, with your help, it can stand, sit, lie, give the foot. I will gladly accept payment PayPal. I am always ready to answer your questions.