I'm a little lamb
The owl is made with all previous experience and author technology.

Owls Owlets
Beautiful snowy owl Bella is looking for a best friend. Owl Bella grew up in a pine forest, but she is absolutely tame, she doesn't eat mice and doesn't make noise at night. Owl 25 cm tall Made of faux fur, glass eyes, beak and claws made of polymer clay, legs on a wire frame.

North Whispers
Hello, dear friends and guests. I pleased to present you my new creation. North Whispers This bear from my new collection "Shaman Tales". Northern shaman, Lord of ice and guardian of the Northern Lights. The Bear made of very realistic limited German Schulte mohair. All the materials used on the toy is of highest quality which will provide long life to this teddy-bear. front paws are flexible.

Owls Owlets
A polar owl named Severine is looking for a home.

Owl Oliver
Owls Owlets
This lovely baby's name is Oliver.

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