Polar bear
Primitive Polar Bear was sewed from American mini plush. Bear was filled with glass granulate and sintepuh.

teddy primitive "Ozzie"
SiberianTeddyBear by Olga Andryushenko
This elephant primitive sewn from a vintage plush (painted by hand) completely by hand, according to my author's pattern. The elephant is filled with sawdust, glass granules. He is full of loose, his belly rustles pleasantly. Elephant can move his arms and head because he is jointed. Eyes are made of glass. This little elephant can become your mascot on travel. He will bring you good luck.

Klintzfamily Bears
Unusual country bohemian prairie primitive striking lovely autumn colors teddy bear . Fizz, a romantic soul, soft elegant rustic “lap and secrets” bear. If you supply the lap and secrets, if it’s warm and cozy with a few hugs thrown in, he might tell you some of his ….

Old Bear
Hare sewn from old plush times of the USSR. Handmade. Belly crammed with sawdust and glass granulate. Mount head and paws disks and cotter pins. Eyes glass.

Natalia Pinigina
piggy primitive Sewn from viscose, filled with sawdust, plastic granulate.

Fluffy bunny
Elena Volchkova
This fluffy hare is made as a primitive. His paws are with his body, and his head is spinning. Inside the ears and rabbit's legs wire, you can fix any shape. Height 4,3 inch (11 cm). Materials: German mohair, color glass eyes, 1 way discs /cotterpins joint (in the head). Stuffed with wool. Teddy bunny has a soft tummy, filled with metal and rubber granules. The nose and a mouth are embroidered.

Mini teddy Philipp
Mini teddy Philipp, the bear a primitive is sewed from vintage thin brown plush. The head on one cotter pin, turns. The vest is sewed from green suede with a belt and a buckle, takes from a brown velvet, with a decorative accessory from lace, is trimmed by brads and beads. The little bear is very similar to the brother Paul. Your little friend on travel!!!

Christmas bear-elf
Plush&Co by Alina Alexeeva
This Teddy bear doll is in a static position, primitive doll. Can only turn his head. Soft stuffing as if alive: with sawdust, mineral granulate and wool for felting. The weight is 80 gr. Comfortable lie in the palm of your hand. The height is 15 cm. A sweater, a cap and socks can be removed as a surprise you can find a volumetric embroidery on the tummy.

Hare Cream Rose
Rabbit Cream Rose.

primitive elephant
Primitive toy little elephant is searching for a new home! I sew my elefant from the viscose. He is fully hand sewn. Standing approx 14 cm in standing tall. Elephant is fully handmade, stuffed with sawdust, metal pellets and inside the belly of the elephant are rubber granules to give him good weight and feeling alive. Elephant has moving joints of the head. He has black eyes from german glass.

Kitty primitive
MADE TO ORDER (65$)! Possible duplicate, an exact copy is impossible! Term of production depends on the availability of material. Contact me convenient way for you to discuss the details of the order (production time, changes, etc.). Attention! A toy in primitive technique. Hands and feet do not spin. The head is bending over. A gentle kitten. He likes to sleep and sees magic dreams.

Vorobyova Irina & Ermakova Anastasya
Katie is sewn from viscose Germany manual, 5 cotter pins, stuffed with sawdust and granulate. His eyes are black German glass. Katie is dressed in pantaloons, dress, decorated with cotton lace. Katie carries with her favorite toy primitive bear. Katie stitched in vintage style!!! Care and using: Don’t washing!!! To store in a dry place, to protect from moisture and a dust.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Forest is made of the mahar of my favorite color of marsh green. He continues the collection of teddy from the maher, which you can see in my store and on my blog, some of them are available for adoption so far. Forest about 23 cm, its bear, in the style of Primitive 9 cm. All fastenings on cotter pins, head on double fastening.

Valentine's Day Fairytale Masha and the Bear Animalistic gift Gift for her Art doll Teddy bear Couple in love Primitive doll For home Decor
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
This is a happy couple in love Teddy Bear and primitive doll Masha in the old Russian fairy tale "Masha and the Bear". If one in a pair allows another to climb on his head this is exactly love. And this will definitely be a great gift for Valentine's Day. Bear teddy of artificial fur with natural pile of alpaca. Filling: sheep wool, sawdust, metal granules.

Primitive Easter Bunny
Furry Happiness
Sewn in a primitive style, from ,made of viscose. Eyes glass. Filler sawdust. Growth from a tail to tips of ears 13 cm. Tinted with artistic oil paints.