Quirky professor
USD 230.00
This sharp eyed gator is an entomology professor, and is usually completely wrapped up in his studies. He is quick on his feet when chasing butterflies, usually fogging up his monocle. If you ask him about butterflies, you better have time. Made for an online competition. Butterflies are painted on textile. Unique hand-made glass eyes, and a monocle.

Professor Mysharius Rat
LunA Teddy and Friends
USD 350.00
Honored Professor of botany. Member of the Academy of Sciences and the founder of the geography of the vegetation in Russia Mysharius Rat. For the garden of the Emperor of Japan, he was specially bred a completely new kind of "bearded iris". In a very short time, Professor Mysharius intends to record this event in the international community of botanists. And start new experiments in biology and botany.

Audrey Rabbit (Eliza)
USD 265.00
“My fair lady” is the one of great music films, that you imagine hearing “Musical” word.. Making miniature Eliza’s Doolittle costume from Ascot Racecourse was very challenging for me. “We will buy something simple and modest and elegant. That’s what’s called for. Perhaps with a bow. Yes. That’s just right” – talks Professor Higgins about new Eliza’s dress.

Professor Moriarty
Julia's teddy Handmade
adopted USD 110.00
Prof.Moriarty 14.5 cm tall fox, Sherlock's enemy, he is made of viscose, leather, silk and cotton. 5-way jointed toy is stuffed with sawdust and metall granules. Toned by artistic oil paint. Collection: "221b"

- Rufus Cheeseek -
adopted USD 182.52
Let me introduce you Rufus Cheeseek the rat, Professor of English literature. A specialist in Shakespeare. Big fan of fishing. Unmarried. Rufus the rat is author's toy. Sewn from German viscose. Paws and the head on the pin. The rat is stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate for pleasant feeling of weight. Polymer clay nose made by myself, eyes glass (Germany).

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