Teddy Trendy Bears
The Dogr is 10.2 inches (26 cm) height and 8.7 inches (22 cm) in sitting position. It has a shebby ribbon with the medal. The head and the legs rotate, the arms rotate and bend. There is a wire inside of the arms. It can sit free, cannot stand.

Violetta-puppie for a loving heart
Violetta One of a Kind, 18 cm ( 15 cm) Materials: body: mohair;, paw pads:needle felted ;

The dog of St. Bernard "Barry"
By Anna Petinati
Bernard is called Barry. It is made of German fur. Eyes are glass and painted by hand nose, claws and pads are made by hand from plastics. Has a cotter pin, as well as a skeleton in the body and legs, which allows the puppy to actively move. And take any poses. Barry is very pleasant fluffy and very pleasant to touch.

Meghan and Cinnamon
Cobblestone Creations
Meghan is a sweet bunny girl in the Book Club series from Cobblestone Creations and is 11 inches seated. She will come with her 3 inch puppy named Cinnamon, her favorite Miniature Golden book titled Four Puppies and her spectacles. Meghan is made of curly ivory colored faux fur with pale brown cashmere inner ears and foot pads. She is 5 way jointed.

Teddy puppy Sweet
Hello! This is my new Teddy puppy. He so cute little baby, very tiny and sweet. He made from viscose beige color.

artist Teddy Dog White
The dog is white, her name is Lani, the height is 12 centimeters, 110 grams. Made from German viscose, fill a toy with sawdust. The puppy girl will be the true friend for you. Her dress is made of cotton, silk ribbon will decorate her neck.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Dominic created from photos of puppies of the puppies, the template is completely my original pattern. A puppy of 35 cm, sitting about 26 cm, is made of French fur Tissavel and German fur. Pads of paws, ears and mouth from imitation suede.

Yorkie Love
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
Cute little puppy yorkie, named LOVE. A perfect gift for lovers of sweet little puppies! Very tender baby as if alive lying on her soft crocheted blanket in a wicker basket.

Dalmatian puppy
Irina Kotelnikova
Dalmatian puppy Stuffed Dog / Puppie Edit Listing By Irina Kotelnikova. 19 inches (48.2 centimeters). This hand-made felt dog sculpture is made with love and great attention to detail. During work I use high quality wool and mohair threads. This means that the toy has a knitted fabric. My methods include knitting and dry felting. The structure of the wire inside the doll allows you to move the paws of the puppy.

Puppy Buddy
Pogorelaya Daria
Panda puppies exist The toy is made of artificial high-quality fur Eyes glass Germany Polymer clay Pads of paws are sewn from leather Filled with: mineral granulate, sintapon, wool 5 disc mounts Tail mobile (plastic skeleton Germany) Ears with wire frame Cap plush Soft pillow Height sitting 21cm, length 22

Miniature pug dog
Today I want to introduce you to a miniature pug puppy. Miniature pug puppy Height 5 inches long and about 3 inches in height. Made of viscose. Filler synthetic fibers and glass granulate. Attaching the head and paws is different from fixing traditionally Teddy bears.

Maltese Puppy Filli
Home Fellows
Let me to introduce the Maltese puppy. Her name is Flli. The pet is absolutely hand-made toy. • 7,4"(19cm) • made from japanese alpaca • hand sculpted epoxy clay nose and paws • glass eyes • doll armature (lockline) and 4 pins • wired arms and legs • filled with polyester and steel granules This author's work. Toned by oil paints and art pastel. LAYAWAY : You can pay the full price or 1/2 payment within 3 days, 1/2 30 days after.

Puppie Luchik
Hi I'm a puppy Luchik, * My height is 6 cm Made of beautiful soft sunshine plush, * Glass eyes (Germany) 5 cotter pin connection, * Not suitable for small children small details Silk scarf (can be removed)., Delivery takes 6-25 days (depending on the country and customs). It may take a little longer from time to time. No refund.

Teddy The Dog Is A Little Prince
Do you love funny puppies? The little Prince is amazing! Only 4.5 inches tall. The toy is made of plush fabric. The face is made of natural wool in the technique of dry felting. Glass eyes handmade. The inimitable living glance! Looks right in the heart! Tinted artistic dry pastel. The filler is made of pure wool. The head can be easily rotated in all directions. Curiously looking around.

Jimmy made of German mohair, filled with synthetic fiber, for weighting used steel granulate.

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