Gloria and Grace
A pair of elegant spring teddy rabbits is a wonderful romantic gift for the anniversary of the wedding, as a symbol of love, family happiness, spring awakening in nature. Height with allowance for ears 30 cm \ 11.8 inches The spring pair of Rabbits in clothes from natural materials leon, cotton, wool, felt, shebbie-ribbon. The plush rabbit jacket is decorated with hand-embroidered snowdrops. All accessories are made by hand.

Benjamin and Rosemary
Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
Romantic holistic look Dating two bucks in the old Park. It will be a wonderful decoration of the interior, a long-lasting symbol of love and a wonderful gift. A couple of rabbits are sold with a stand. Both rabbits are made in the technique of Teddy, have movable legs and head, reinforced handles and ears. Clothes are completely removable, made of high quality fabrics: cotton, silk, Batiste, jacquard, viscose.

Rabbits family 2pcs
Plush Forest Bears
Petersburg. Collection Married couple. Name Rabbits family, 2pcs. Color Lilac. Height, cm 23 without ears, 33 with ears. Weight, g She 461, He 566. Materials Viscose fabric for curtains. Cloth Micro velvet, guipure, lace, artificial pearls. All removable.. Feet bottom Furniture fabric. Ears Furniture fabric. Finishing Pastel. Filling Sawdust, steel granulate. Eyes Glass. Nose Embroidered. Joints 5 splints. Self-standing Yes. Seriality One of a kind, unique couple. Pattern Classic.

Mr Godfrey Pottage
Granny B Crafts
'Mr Godfrey Pottage' Handcrafted Rabbit one of three. Hi my name is Mr Godfrey Pottage and I am a handcrafted rabbit made by Granny B, in a charcoal grey faux fur. I am 46cms(18") approx. tall, have black glass eyes, wooden joints and my filling is woodwool and polyester.

Lavender & Lace
Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
One of my vintage companion sets consisting of two little rabbits. Lavender and Lace are made from rayon fabric with vintage linen paw pads and 4" tall. Their ears are lined with pink cotton lawn fabric. Both of these companion pieces have been gently 'aged' and shaded to look well loved.

The first of the collection " Rainbow rabbits".

The Vintage Teddy Gray is a juvenil bunny who looks for the house and the loving mummy who gives this name to the bunny. The 26 cm tall bunny was made of German mohair. The structure of the bunny was fixed on 5 forelocks. Eyes are German glass and the nose was embroidered with woolen threads. Inside part of the bunny was filled with sawdust.

Easter bunny: realistic animal toy
Realistic Toys Store
Easter is coming soon, ready to celebrate? I present you the perfect decor for your home in the form of a cute Easter bunny of three main colors: gray, white, black. Rabbits stare absolutely realistic with bright glass eyes, long ears and even an Easter egg on a collar. The toy is made of faux fur of excellent quality, the ears are reinforced with wire.

Diana and Edward
Galina Khalikova
*THE PRICE IS INDICATED FOR 2 RABBITS TOGETHER! Hey there! I present you this charming couple of rabbits from my famous collection «Two Hearts»! The rabbits are good tempered; they radiate light, warmth and love! He is quite courteous, and She is just an angel! In each of them there is a part of a soul. They’re looking for home and happiness.

Yellow Sweet Jelly Bear and his little rabbits
Olga's bears
Bear and rabbits can be adopted only together. Bear is created from German viscose and vintage plush, stuffed with pine sawdust and weighted with mineral granules. He is fully jointed and has his head, legs and arms movable. Eyes are yellow German glass. Rabbits are created from vintage plush, stuffed with pine sawdust and weighted with metal granules.

White Rabbits
Here are different White Rabbits, big and small (the last one).

Rabbits Mistleto
Irina Kirichenko
Rabbit Stories collection.

Teddy - Rabbits Alianna,Alivia,Amilia
Oksana Yurchenko
Teddy Rabbits Alianna,Alivia,Amilia The increase in the cap 9.8"- 25 cm, sitting 7.87 "- 20 cm. Made of silk fur, silk Italian mutton, flock. Bear is very heavy, weighty due to the filling of steel balls in the legs and in the stomach. Fur hat and rabbit costume sewn from silk mutton, American natural cotton ears reinforced wire. Materials: Glass eyes , The nose is made of a polymeric clay.

Teddy by Elena Karasenko
JULIAN .Materials-magnificent German mohair Schulte.Filled with wood wool, mineral granulate, sawdust.Dressed in a warm sweater and trousers.All my bears,rabbits come from a non-smoking house.

Bunnies Valyusha and Nastia
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
All mums dedicated: a couple of charming white rabbits appeared with the arrival of spring: a Young mother Valyusha and baby Nastya. Symbolize the spring and the beginning of life, are positive and bright spring colors! Toys are made of 100% wool in the technique of dry felting. Details bunnies movable:head mother's spontoon on the mount, paws on a thread mount, the lugs on the wire frame.