USD 123.09
Rain is a long faux fur rainbow bear. She is multi-coloured, and the length of her fur means that she can be brushed to make her look better. The fur itself is used cut short for her paws and face. She is made with stuffing, plastic pellets, five way joints and glass eyes.

Fritz from the willowhedge sprites collection
Bearmore Bears
USD 86.22
Artist bear plush and needle felted fantasy piece. fritz number 9 in the willowhedge sprite collection. 60mm Rainbow brown faux fur with burnt orange cashmere, he has Armature to his arms and expression eyes. comes with hand made wooden bee on a flower and a miniature book. All sprites have expression glass eyes, needle felted faces and hands.

Dreams pink forest's
Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
USD 232.00
My magical pink world that fit in the palm of . All the detail can not be transferred to the photo: here and potal with iridescence of all shades of the rainbow, and pearl stones, misty opal and Swarovski crystals, delicate French lace, dozens of beads, and most importantly these eyes, the color of the moon with a light violet hue.

USD 50.00
The first of the collection " Rainbow rabbits".

Little Hedgehog 'Peony'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
USD 73.93
Please meet cute handful, a happy Hedgehog 'Peony' I hope this little critter makes you smile . She measures approx 3 inches from ground to the top of the main body head, and approx 5.5 inches in length from snouty nose to bottom.

Mellisea Creations by Melanie Meulenberg-Ansems
USD 206.83
This pretty little seahorse is called ‘Vesuri’. Vesuri is approx. 9.05 inches (23 cm) in full length from the tip of his tail till the top of his bright orange hair. Messured without hair he is approx. 7.87 (20 cm) tall. His standing position in total, with curled up tail and in the holder is approx. 8.66 inches (22 cm). Vesuri is made from bright red mini fabric with rainbow colored hairs/pile.

Delicious Flowers
Kotyonkina Teddy Bears
USD 240.00
Bear, Bunny and Kitten from the summer mini collection of Delicious Flowers sewn from a very beautiful viscose hand-painted, with embroidered belly ribbons. In the tummy sawdust and metal granules for weighting. Size 19 cm, all legs and heads are attached to the tire and rotate.

Larisa Vasylieva
USD 257.00
Bear from the collection "Mysterious Forest". This collection has the second name "Schwarzwald". To create this collection, I used an antique German cotton carpet (Schwarzwald, Deer Rug, 1930s). This carpet was left to me by my grandmother. The carpet has a very dense cotton base, as well as cotton viscose and silk fibers. He has a very well preserved natural juicy color.

Monkey called "Free spirit"
Aleksandra Nelina
USD 75.00
Monkey called "Free spirit" entirely handmade of antique plush.

Anastasia Besedina
USD 50.00
pumpkin Darina sewn from vintage plush painted by hand, produced in the USSR. eyes handmade glass, tinted pastel, head spontoon on the connection.

Cobblestone Creations
USD 74.00
This darling 3 inch mouse is made of tan mini bear fabric, with a tan leather tail. She is cotter pin jointed at her neck with string jointed arms. She looks out onto the world with black glass eyes with horsehair eyelashes. Her nose is black wool surrounded by horsehair whiskers. Her ears are lightly tinted a delicate brown. She has a pastel striped ruffled collar.

The Jaded Bearsmith
USD 182.36
Remy is a rainbow dragon. Remy is a very calm, relaxed dragon. He is very happy to just chill and laze about in the warm winter sun. He features.

Tinky tiny teddy koala bear
Elena Volchkova
USD 125.00
Tinky is funny koala bear, who lives in a large rose bush. Tinky loves rain and every time looking for a rainbow. He smiles at every rose on the big bush in which she lives. Koala's left paw and head are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons and beads. Medallion is fairy rose from her lovely rose bush. This miniature hand-embroidered.

Bearmore Bears
USD 136.74
Jester is a large Boy of 20 inches and a huge 1,183kg in weight.

'Rainbow Sugar Socks'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
USD 176.34
Thank you for stopping by to meet super smiley, chaotically colourful bear with Unicorn feet "Rainbow Sugar Socks" Designed & handmade by me Rachel Summersby of Wee Beary Tails. She is podgy, cuddly with a big grin, I hope you like her. She measures approx 10" tall when she is standing and 7" when sitting due to her design she does prefer to sit!