elk is 28 cm tall approx…without counting the needle felted antlers. 5 way jointed…cotter pins / discs. nice weight. has English glass eyes. hand painted with oil paints. mink addings

Branson, HUGE and Handsome teddy bear full of love for you.
Klintzfamily Bears
Branson by Klintzfamily Bears.

Panda Teddy Kesha
Panda sewn entirely by hand from artificial fur under a mink of very good quality. Hollofayber filling. Paws on splintage mounting the head on a double cotter pin. Legs are reinforced with wire, allowing you to change poses. Stands alone, but not very confidently. In his chest beats the heart of the silk. materials: artificial fur, hollofayber, modelit, artificial suede, markers on fabric, copper wire, splintage connection.

Mini Kitten Rhubarb
A aloha Hawaii Bears
Julie Beveridge of Just Tiny Tedz is the talented mink artist of this OOAK kitten. 6 inches long. Made of vintage Autumn Haze mink. Fully lined for durability and strength. Hand painted glass eyes with white suede inserts. Precise scissor sculpted face for a cute kitty look. Clay sculpted nose, sewn on securely. Fully jointed. Suede Paw and footpads are sculpted with pulled toes that are stuffed (see photo).

Bambi, the Persian kitten teddy. OOAK.
Kitten Bambi is a foster child in Santa's family of deer, but he does not know about it yet and considers himself a deer. He is a little upset that he was not taken to the festive harness. The wool is made of high-quality artificial fur under the mouton. The head on the double cotter pin, the pins on the cotter pins and the paws have a wire frame.

Kitty-Teddy Murka
Kitty Murka sewn from faux fur under the mink. The head and legs are attached to the splint joints. The legs, lower jaw and tail have a wire frame. Content synthetic and holofiber. There's a glass granulate in the belly. There's a silk heart in his chest. The Author Of The Pattern Gemma Kadj. Materials: artificial fur, synthetic fluff, hollofayber, copper wire, splint fasteners, artificial suede .

My name is Isabel. I am French Bulldog, who is sewn from an artificial fur-mink. The packing is sintepuh (hypoallergenic) and glass granulate. This dog-girl has paws and reinforced ears. The growth of isabel is 17 centimeters (6,9 inch). I'm looking for a new friend and really want you to be kind. I'm from a non-smoking home.

The English Bulldog-Baxter is sewn from an artificial fur-mink. The packing is sintepuh (hypoallergenic) and glass granulate. This dog has paws and reinforced ears.

This man has an impressive weight of 700 grams.

Emma's Bears
He pulls at my heartstrings and makes it very hard to let him go out into the world! He has been assembled using 5 x wobble joints to give him a gorgeously floppy and cuddly feel (wobble joints give lots of movement while maintaining excellent structural integrity the limbs can't fall off!). He has been cut from three different fur fabrics;

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Laura Bunny sewn from viscose Italy. The height of 5.12 inch sitting, 7.09 inch upright (sitting 13 cm, length 16 cm). Full of sawdust and metal granulate. She has German glass eyes. The head, hands and feet are attached with cotter pins. Rotate. Cap is tied by hand from yarn Mink. Laura could only sit. One of a kind!

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Dog Cliff is made of viscose Italy/France manual color. Its height is 6.3 inches, 7.09 inches vertically (sitting 14 cm, length 18 cm). Inside the sawdust and mineral granulate. Glass eyes handmade. The head, hands and feet splintage mount. Rotate. Clothes made of cotton. The cap is tied by hand from yarn Mink. All clothing is removed. Cliff is able to stand and sit.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Stephanie the cat is made of viscose Italy / France hand painted. Seat height 6.3 inches height: 7.87 inches (16cm, length 20cm). Stuffed with pine sawdust and mineral granules in the stomach. Glass eye. The head, hands and feet are attached with cotter pins. Rotate. Hat handmade from the wool of mink. The clothes are made of cotton. Clothing is removed. Stephanie's just sitting there. One of a kind.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Ricky is sewn from German viscose. Its height is 17 cm, sitting 14,5 cm ( 6.69 inches standing, sitting 5.51 inches). He has German glass eyes. Inside wood chips and metal granulate. Head, arms, legs are attached with cotter pins. Neck strap made of viscose. Hat handmade yarn "mink". Ricky cannot stand, only sit. One of a kind. I only use your own templates! Only high quality materials.

Marcellus and his friends
Composition "Circus." Dear friends, I'm happy to introduce you my new creation a baby rat . His name is Marcellus, he is a totally handsewn artwork made of natural fur. Well I'm using just second life fur: materials from old jackets, scarves and etc. There is a cotter pin connection between the head and a separate part of a neck.