Silver poodle
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
adopted USD 1,200.00
Realistic plush toy. Inside the toy there is a moving skeleton. The toy can take any poses. Beautiful, realistic, with a luxurious soft imported curly fur fabric, ready to go home and hug. The dog is made of high quality faux fur. The head, body and legs are bound by a plastic skeleton with a fixed line.

Realistic dog spaniel animal
reserved USD 300.00
This is Lucas Cocker Spaniel breed. He is a very kind and calm guy. In his eyes, kindness and loyalty. Lucas is waiting for his master ... He believes that his master will be the best and loving. The puppy is made of high quality faux fur. The length from the nose to the base of the tail is 50 cm.

Chihuahua puppy, Teacup Chihuahua, Realistic Chihuahua toy, Realistic Dog
USD 230.00
Made of faux fur. The height of the dog is 9.45 inches (24 cm) tall, including ears, 11.02 inches (28 cm) long without tail. There is a plastic skeleton in the head and body, in the paws there is a wire frame that allows you to give the toy different poses. Ears are reinforced with wire to give different positions. Handmade glass eyes. Eyelids made of genuine leather.

Pomeranian white spitz handmade Stuffed dog collectible toy OOAK teddy dog spitz
USD 95.00
I am a small, white puppy Pomeranian. My size is 26 cm. = 10.2 inches Puppy made of faux fur. The head, body and legs are connected with a plastic frame Lockline.Thank the skeleton, puppy, fully mobile, can take any posture (can sit, stand, lie down, tilt her head). Tail and ears are reinforced and may bend., Eyes from glass of handwork.

Spitz dog Alicia or pupp. Realistic handmade plush toy gift.Cute Pomeranian.
Realistic Toys Store
USD 210.00
Cute dog, or spitz dog,рomeranian. Get a realistic toy! Be sure no one will have such a pet! About this toy: This realistic toy is sewn exclusively by hand from faux fur of white colors. Almost everything in this toy makes it more real: black toning; nose and language are made of polymer clay; a plastic skeleton that makes the toy mobile.

Yorkie Plush handmade lux mohair Stuffed dog teddy dog AnnaRealisticToys
USD 50.00
Cute little puppy of Yorkshire Terrier from high-quality faux fur. The head, paws and body are connected to the skeleton of the Lockline. 4-way disc with articulation. He has glass eyes. Tinted oil paint. The nose is made by hand from polymer clay. Puppy height 15 cm from the nose to the beginning of the tail. Fully articulated and filled with polyester fiber when it sits in your hand.

Maltese dog
adopted USD 550.00
I have made soooo cute lady!) It is realistic Maltese dog. Adopted!!!! Paws, neck,ears, tail of realistic dog are movable. They have an internal skeleton, they may be slightly bent. Dog can stand , sit or lie • 21.5"(55cm) long (excluding the tail). • 10" (25cm) (height at the withers). • made from high-quality artificial fur. • hand sculpted polymer clay nose, paws, claws. • glass eyes.

Pug dog. OOAK toys. Stuffed dog.
Teddy Toys From Galina
USD 95.00
Realistic toy dog. The toy is made of soft artificial fur, filled with hypoallergenic sintepuh. A skeleton is inserted into the toy from the head to the tail, as well as in the paws. She can take different poses, making her even more realistic. She is very mobile and can turn her head, sit, lie down. You see this in the photo.

Realistic plush stuffed animal toy Pomeranian Spitz, pomeranian puppy portrait,
USD 380.00
A realistic animal toy Pomeranian Spitz is a wonderful gift for you and your loved one. Also you can decorate your interior with this toy. OOAK teddy dog realistic pomeranian plush is made of artificial fur. It has a one-piece structure. The body is connected with the head and paws by a Lockline skeleton. Ears are reinforced with wire to give different positions.

Puppy of Chihuahua
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
reserved USD 800.00
Let me introduce you Sweet & Tender Baby Gabanna, the cutest puppy of Chihuahua. Puppy made in full size. Its length from nose to tip of tail is 9 inches (23 cm); It is hand-sewn using very soft faux fur. The flexible skeleton inside it allows you to move your head, four legs and tail to express your mood.

Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
adopted USD 1,500.00
Made to order with a photo of a pet. "Realistic / Replica for Life" The photos shown in this list are the original prototype and the copy ordered by the client, made by me according to an individual sketch. The dog is made of natural size, made of high-quality faux fur. The head, body, and legs are bound with a plastic locking skeleton.

Pug Gucci
Toys with soul
USD 349.00
plush dog, pug, dog with puppy folds in stock and waiting for the best pens! , Need a loyal and faithful friend? You found him! Wonderful dog breed pug will be your favorite friend to whom you can tell your most secret secrets. And he won't tell anyone. Loves to play and to be stroked!Not whimsical in meal and does not require to stroll!

Cherry a cute Pomeranian
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
adopted USD 1,500.00
Let me introduce you to Cherry, a cute Pomeranian. The dog is made in full size. According to the photo of the pet.  Its length from the nose to the tip of the tail is (40 cm); It is hand-sewn using very fluffy faux fur.  The flexible skeleton inside allows you to move your head, four legs with ears and tail to express your mood.

Teddy dog
USD 95.00
Cute and realistic dog filled with sawdust and granules., 5 cotter joints. Nose made of handmade polymer clay., Metal wire in the ears. Pink bow., One of a kind.