Thai kitten Taya
Meet baby Taya Thai kitty. The kitty is made of faux fur, filled with holofiber and weighted with glass granules. Very mobile, can change poses (sit, lie down, stand) thanks to a plastic skeleton and pin pin. Paws, ears and tail are reinforced, can bend. The nose, the pads on the legs are molded of plastic, the mustache is monofilament. Taiga tinted oil paints.

Realistic Fantasy Kitten
Collectible Toys Uliana
Fantasy animal, Fantasy cat – is unusual and interesting companion for people This is a soft toy, toys handmade.The toy can be a good gift for any holiday for those who love fantastic beasts and fantasy animals. Toy can sit, stand, lie down you can give it any position. ==================.

Cat Alice with two kittens
This is Alice, a very cute cat, Briton, blue color and her two playful kittens. It is made in natural size 43 cm from nose to tail (without tail length) from high-quality faux fur, pleasant to the touch. She and her kittens have a skeleton inside Loc-Line, and therefore they are very flexible they can take any position and move any part of the body. Filling polyester fiber.

Bambi, the Persian kitten teddy. OOAK.
Kitten Bambi is a foster child in Santa's family of deer, but he does not know about it yet and considers himself a deer. He is a little upset that he was not taken to the festive harness. The wool is made of high-quality artificial fur under the mouton. The head on the double cotter pin, the pins on the cotter pins and the paws have a wire frame.

Maine Coon kitten Tiffany
Little Tiffany is a Maine Coon kitten. A real fluffy ball. The cat is made of high quality faux fur. Inside the skeleton. Feet on splint connection, fully movable. Tail and ears are reinforced with wire. Eyes-glass. Spout and pads are made of polymer clay and planted on the glue. Filler-padding polyester. The toy is very soft and pleasant, do not want to let it out of hand.

Boho Bear
Alastair the stuffed Abyssinian cat. He is 27 sm in the sitting position with ears. His fur is a amazing realistic looking plush. I stuffed him with natural sheep wool and some glass shots for weight. His nose is sculpted of clay. His eyes are of realistic amber German glass. I used needle sculpture to do his face and gently shaded his muzzle by hand to achieve a living expression.

Kitten Sarah
Svetiana Akimova WORKSHOP TOYS
She measures about 10 inches (26 cm) sitting without ears. Her fur is a wonderful realistic quality faux fur. The head and body are connected to the Lockline skeleton. You can move her head up and down, side to side and everywhere in between. Paws are reinforced on 4 disks. A very realistic feature. I filled it with sintepukhom The nose and pads are molded of polymer clay.

Lovely realistic kitten coloring Chinchilla, created in mixed technology, in which there are no cotter pins, but there is a wire frame in the paws and a locline spine from the head to the tip of the tail, which allows him to take different realistic poses. The muzzle is made by the method of dry felting, there are tendrils.

Ivory is exotic kitten.

Valentina Lyubimova's teddy and nature
Thank you for your attention to my toys . This kitten caracala steppe lynx . Made of faux fur , the inside of the frame and padding polyester . Eyes glass . Legs , tail and ears movable . Spout and pads on the feet of polymer clay . Its dimensions : height 25 cm length 26 cm .The toy is light , soft , cozy , very similar to the real one .

Yorkie Bruno
Toys with soul
Need a loyal and loyal friend?

Kitty Butch
Realistic Pets Soft Toys
Little kitty looking for his family and loving hands.

Kitten Bonny
Plush&Co by Alina Alexeeva
She turned out to be an unreal living girl! so tender and sweet! Look into her eyes maybe you will recognize your baby!, In a sitting position 16 centimeters. The skin is faux fur from (white mink). The kitten can move its paws and head . Can sit and lay, but can’t stand- only with support. The paws and head are attached to pins.(5 classic mounts).

Realistic wild cat, collectible toy. Live toy wild cat "Karakal"
Realistic Toys from Irina
Realistic wild cat, collectible toy. Live toy wild cat "Karakal" is completely handmade. Cute kitten Caracal. The toy is made of high quality faux fur. Inside his body is a plastic frame. Ears are reinforced with wire and can change position. Nose from polymer clay, eyes are glass cabochons. Kitten like a live cat he is looking for his master! Good gift for children and soft toy lovers.

Bluebearries Toys
This teddy kitten is fully poseable, paws can be bent, the toy has plastic skeleton inside. Ears and tail are reinforced with wire and can be shaped as you wish. The kitten is 41 cm wide and 23 cm high (from nose to the end of the body, without tail). It can take many poses, the neck is also movable. .

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