Monkey Abby
Hello, dear friends and guests. I pleased to present you my new creation. Monkey Abby This is very realistic tropical animal. Monkey is made of very realistic 5 kind german faux fur. All the materials used on the toy is of highest quality which will provide long life to this toy. paws and tail are flexible, for many nice poses. From the head and along the back passes plastic skeleton.

Brown bear Stephan
Fantasy Teddy Toys by Zubareva Tatyana
Brown bear Stephan 34 centimeters OOAK. Realistic Completely handmade. Made from high quality Faux Fur, colored with oil paints. 6 pin- joints, arms and legs are movable, the head can swing.  Paws on the wire frame. Bear has a fully skeleton inside the body, also has wire skeleton at the front and hind legs! Foot pads and bear paws are made of natural leather.

Realistic panda Moona
Made of artificial fur of high quality. This realistic teddy bear takes 38 cm sitting, 53 cm in height (he can not stand alone). A bear can move its head, arms and legs in many directions, because it has a skeleton. The soles of the feet are made of genuine leather. The bear is painted with oil paints. Fill with steel granulate and hollofayber.

Casper British Folded Cat.

Little Lola Sunshine
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
Little Lola Sunshine Beautiful Yorkshire, natural live size. (13.5 inches). Beautifully realistic, luxuriously soft imported fur fabric. A high-quality skeleton allows the dog to fully articulate in any natural position, including tilting the head in any direction, sitting, standing, laying or even winding the front legs around for a comfortable hugging big puppy! Ears and tail are strengthened and can flex. The eyes are made of handmade glass.

Villa Paradiso
The name of this panda cub Zian that means Pacific, this tender fluffy baby wants only hugs in this world. one of a kind panda cub of 35cm//13,7’ tall (26cm//10,2’ sitting). 100% handmade artist work, completely hand sewn, with clay hand sculpted details. • Material: quality german alpaca fabric • Head: glass eyes with realistic pupil, airdry clay for the nose.

Pet bear
American black bear with mountain bluebird The bear is sewn from alpaca, so his fur is very soft. In the body and legs plastic armature is inserted. From neck to tail it plays the role of the spine, allowing the bear to bend the back, lift, lower, tilt to the side the head. Armature in the legs gives you ability to bend them and to swing them aside.

kitten caracal
Irina Kotelnikova
16 inches (40.6 centimeters). This handmade soft cat sculpture made with love and great attention to detail. During the work I use high quality wool and mohair. My methods include knitting and dry felting. wire structure inside the doll allows you to move the kitten legs. The tail on the wire frame is completely mobile. Wool of different shades are uniquely intertwined, creating a realistic impression of natural animal hair.

Mila Karamisheva
The boy is sewn from soft Italian fur. The body is provided with a skeleton Lock-Line. 4 way jointed. Paws can also accept a variety of provisions.Nose made of plastic.

Monkey Klava :))
Olga Sheogoleva
Hello, my dear friends!!! I am glad to see you :-). For fans of little monkeys I will show today here such girl. Her name Klava. The monkey is sewed from soft realistic fur. Klava dreams of the cozy place on the shelf in the nursery. We look for the loving mother). Materials for creation of a monkey:. 1. realistic fur. 2. fur for a miniature. 3. eyes the German glass. 4.

Realistic Asian black TeddyBear cub Dallas
Realistic Asian black TeddyBear cub Dallas artist OOAK teddy bear Ursus americanus stuffed collectible bear best gift! Growth sitting 50cm. The head and body are connected skeleton Lockline. Paws on connected skeleton Lockline. Teddy can not stand!!! Bear cub made from qualitative faux fur. He has glass eyes. Tonned by oil paint.

Kitty named Molly is made from a very soft and pleasant to the touch plush. The size of standing 12 "(30cm), sitting 9" (23cm) Filled with hollow fiber and some steel shot for weight. Paws and tail are flexible. All parts of the body are articulated with discs. Eyes German glass, nose polymer clay. Tinted with artistic paint. Cap and scarf knitted by me, they can be removed.

Raccoon Manny
Raccoon Manny , height standing 30cm, looking for a house.

Red Panda Amaya
Amaya sewed from alpaca and German artificial fur. Her height is 13.5 inches (34.5 cm) standing, and about 10.5 inches (27 cm) sitting. Filler is a synthetic fiber and glass beads. The head is attached to the body by means of a plastic frame that runs along the body. This attachment creates realistic head tilt forwards / backwards, left / right, side to side.

Kid Koala Chao
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Hi, this is the cute kid of the Koala Chao who is lost in the forest. If you love him as much as I do, then he will be able to live with you.

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