Bear in a cap, with a bow in black and red color, with a wooden heart, a gift f
Irina's Teddies
Teddy bear from brown Italian viscose. Bear stuffed with sawdust. Handles and legs move. The cap is dressed in a red and black color and a black lace bow. There is also a red wooden heart on which we can write the name of your loved one, i.e. make a personalized inscription.

Red panda Gerry. Height is 3.7in (9.5 cm) one of a kind red panda He can not stand alone.

Elena Ginter
*the images of old bears of the USSR are taken as a basis height-35 cm , * sewn from vintage Soviet plush of manual color stuffing cedar sawdust, wood wool, mineral granulate , * glass eyes the head and paws are mobile ( disks and splinters) , * can not stand alone.

Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood
Lena Minchenkova
Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood I’ve created the teddy’s version of the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood Gray wolf 23 centimeters sewed from an white viscose,glass eyes and button, filler sawdust and hollofayber. The vest is made of black felt. Little Red Riding Hood is made of cotton and fimo, the filler is holofayber. Clothes can be removed.

Little Traveller Malek
Kledi-Bears by Edith Lodes-Nowotny
Please meet my latest creation Malek a new little traveller.The first bear from my new series "My suitcase is my bed". The little darling Malek is made of a high quality german mohair. The color is a really beautiful red. fully jointed, filled with fiberfil and some steel pallets for a little bit extra weight shiny black german glass eyes from Lauscha, stiched and waxed nose.

Larisa Vasylieva
Rabbit Dauphin, 30 cm height, about 23 while sitting . Italian viscose white and gray, antique velvet in the color of ripe sweet cherry , tapestry, silk, French lace, vintage jabot, beads, metal accessories, * Glass eyes (hand painted) 5 double cotter pins, Filler: wood chips, fiberfill, glass and mineral granules. In the back of the Rabbit is a musical mechanism. Tinted with oil. My author's pattern, completely handmade!!! Repeat is not possible !!!

Red Crested Cardinal, realistic bird toys, 4.7 inches (12 centimeters)
4.7 inches (12 centimeters). Let me introduce you to Rico! Rico is the red-crested cardinal,a cute songbird living in the North of Argentina, Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Rico is very good-natured, cheerful and inquisitive, he very wants to find new friends and home, where he will be loved! He was created in maximum accordance with the real prototype. Completely hand sewn.

Dragon Teddy Red (dragon Teddy Arthur)
Great red dragon, Teddy Arthur from the family of magical dragons. Wonderful creation with a clever, kind and tender look, such amazing living eye, hand-painted! Vintage plush, opalocka coniferous trees and of course a piece of my Soul these are the materials from which I created the red dragon in a single instance for someone who deserves the best!.

Teddy Bear
Marina Stepanova
Height about 11-12 cm. He's a sweet, gentle baby. Can stand holding onto something for support, and sits with pleasure. Sewn by my author's pattern. Sewn from viscose hand color light lemon color. . The baby is filled with birch sawdust and metal granulate. Glass eyes are handmade (made in Germany). Embroidered nose. Complements the image of a bow of satin ribbon. Bear tinted with oil paints.

pockets full of stars
!Attention, please! 100% work repeat is not possible! On request, you can choose the fabric color for the elephant, the color of the hat and the drum. Elephant on the last photo repeat work made to order. Teeny vintage style teddy friend- elephant. Sewn from vintage plush, stuffed with wood sawdust , weighted with gravel, 1 disc jointed , eyes- glass, artificially aged, and tinted oil for aged look. Completely sewn by hand.

Fox Lani
- Fox sewn from Italian viscose (hand color) and German plush completely by hand.Stuffed with wool, padding polyester and glass granulator. , Legs, head on 6 pins (rotate 360 degrees). Ears and tail on the wire (bent). Glass eyes (handmade)., Toy can only do dry cleaning. , Can be gently cleaned with a soft brush. Caution: do not wash with soap and water, it will damage its color!

I would like to introduce Holly who is ready for the upcoming holiday season. She is 11in/28cm in height and is made from German mohair in Christmas red colour. She has matching merino wool foot and paw pads; German glass eyes; and polyester stuffing with a small amount of steel shot for good posture.

teddy bear Stepan
Kikka studio
Teddy bear Stepan was created inspired by real bear Stepan who lives in Russia in human family. There was a competition in instagram #teddy_stepan and my teddy wan 2nd place in nomination-classic bear. So I am very happy and proud for him. Stepan made of mohair Schulte with very interesting color its mix of red beige and brown.

Red panda Brosha
Fantasy Teddy Toys by Zubareva Tatyana
62 cm(24,4 inches) from nose to tail, the tail 28 cm(11 inches), height at withers 21cm(8,2 inches) OOAK Completely handmade. Made from high quality Faux Fur, colored with oil paints. 5 pin- joints, arms and legs are movable, the head can swing.  The head and body are connected skeleton Lockline. The paws are movable inside the clutches of a plastic skeleton, feet flexible. Foot pads and paws are made natural leather.

Teddy bear Gosha
Svetik Studio
It’s cold outside, snowing, so Teddy bear Gosha dressed warmly and fashionably. After all, many eyes are looking at him and admiring his beautiful style. Everyone says that reds are lucky, what means that luck and success awaits him today. Teddy bear Gosha is made of German viscose of red color, the fur is plucked in some places and painted with art oil.