Richard is a 5 way jointed bear. He filled with synthetic fibers.

English bulldog Richard
I present to you a cute english bulldog Richard . Size 21 cm sitting,length from nose to tail 24cm. Materials: artificial fur, stuffing: fiberfill, glass granulate. lockline (plastic skeleton sewn into the back), milliput(nose) 4 cotter pins, plastic glass pads on the paws- polymer clay Fimo., The paws and ears are reinforced with wire. Take any position. Standing, sitting, lying down. Richard comes with a certificate.

Teddy by Lena Volodko
Sir Richard is an intelligent and educated rabbit, with good manners. In his hands holds a walking stick. The bunny is sewn from a decorative plush. Inside the wooden sawdust. The head, arms and legs are attached to 5 cotter pins. The eyes of "crazy", glass, the production of Germany. Tinted with acrylic paint. On his head is a black hat. It is not removed.

Teddy bear Richard
Nata Stulikova Teddy bear
He's quiet all the time. And all the while sad sighs. He's probably waiting for someone.

Rabbit Richard
I want to meet you with Mr. Rabbit! He is very busy, but now he came to drink coffee and read the Times newspaper. The rabbit can sit and stand. The viscose sews from German viscose, its paws and head move, the disk mount. The ears are reinforced, they hold the form. tail is sewn from delicate Japanese cotton, lined, is removed.

Rabbit Richard
I am very happy to present you my new rabbit Richard. He is Myron's best friend rabbit. (you can see him: ) Richard looks like real English gentleman, doesn't he? Growth: standing with ears 26 cm (10.23"). Weight: 8,99 oz (255 g). Materials:. German Shulte viscose. Filled with sawdust and metal granulate (it is very hard!). Eyes are glass German. Fastenings: disks and forelocks. Richard has the hat.

Richard the LionHeart
Richard had a batist shirt, cotton under armour special garment, real hand-made chain armour, red cotte de arme. He wear very heavy crown with garnets, steel sword and wooden shield. All clothes may be undressed. All work without machine sewing, only hand made. Richard made from german plush (faux fur), long pile german mohair and sassy fur for the miniature bears.

Sir Richard
English gentleman. Serious bear with a thoughtful look. Sewing from the plush of beige tint, plush very dense and soft. Has the very dense stuffing, especially heads. A bear is done in complete accordance with all traditional technologies "teddy", has five connections. A bear turned out heavy enough, a metallic granulate is added. A spout is embroidered by the high-mercerized cotton, treat a bee beeswax.

24.8 inches (63 centimeters).

Belozerova Marina
Richard. A bear from the German viscose. It is made artificially old in vintage style. Stuffing from sawdust and metal granulate.

Teddy husky Richard
Dog is hand sewn of soft Korean faux fur. Tall from head to hind legs is about 6,9 inch, the legs at the joints, the body and the front legs of the wire frame.Head turns left and right, up and down. Not spinning 360 degrees. Toy is able to accept different naturalistic pose. Glass eyes, nose is moulded from plastic. Paw pads are faux suede.

Original sewing pattern, crocheted collar with jingle bell, crocheted hat. material: mohair polyester, fleece, minifabrics, cotton yarn, beads, silver jingle bell filled: hollow fiber joints: 1 cotter pins and discs, wooden buttons eyes: black beads nose and mouth: embroidery clothing: crocheted collar and hat type: one of a kind, original author's teddy.

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