Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present Bear Robin! Completely hand sewn by the artist, Fully jointed on 5 cotter pins, Filled in with wood wool, wools and steel shot for his chunky weight, Black glass eyes, Embroidered scissors sculptured nose. Robin is wearing a warm knitted mohair scarf and he has got a vintage badge of a robin. Robin is waiting to be adopted by a loving family!

Bear Robin
Bear Rhymes
Robin is a completely handmade bear of German mohair He is fully jointed Traditionally stuffed with wool, wood wool, steel shot Quite heavy for his size! Black glass eyes Embroidered nose and scissor sculpted face Lightly shaded with pan pastels Wearing a warm mohair scarf and a vintage badge of a robin. Fully ready for adoption by a loving family.

Teddies by Anna Miretska
Robin is the only one of its kind! Robin was sewed of vintage plush. I stuffed him with sawdust and wood wool, added glass beads in the lower legs and abdomen, used glass eyes (painted by hand). I used fastening with five split pins for the movability of the legs and head. I sewed clothes with cotton and decorated it with buttons, beads, ribbons.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
Robin was made from vintage plush. Eyes is from glass. This teddy bear is stuffed with sawdust, wool, wood wool and weighted with glass granules. 5 cotters.

Bunny Robin
Teddy Trendy Bears
Robin is around 30 cm hight in sitting position with her cap. She is very playful and happy bunny). The arms and the legs rotate and bend. There is wire inside of her limbs. The materials are: hight quality faux fur, glass eyes, fiber fil, sea stone for a weight. Use only dry clean and protect from dust and direct sunlight! Not for children and games.

Teddy Bears by Alla Zubkova
Robin is a clown bear.

Teddy Story
I would like to introduce you to my new little bear Robin I stitched it by hand from German viscose.

Svetlana Chern Bears
Robin classical "old bear". Size 29 cm. Materials: mohair, internal filling wood shaving and mineral pellets. The head and paws are fixed by means of disks and pins. The soft body is filled not densely. Pile of a skin is thinned out, there are bald spots and darned places. The bear can sits and stand. He has German glass eyes.

Humphrey the Teddy Bear
MaxiLynn Bears
Humphrey is looking for his furever home. He is a very big heavy bear but a huge softie with a very sweet nature. He enjoys lots of tummy tickles & cuddles. His friendly personality even attracts wild birds who can often be found perched on one of his huge paws.

Robin bear
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
Bear Robin is made of 100 percent wool, in vintage style. Bear has a favorite toy rocking horse (made of natural wood).

Teddy by Elena Karasenko
Robin bear in traditional style.Materials: Made from rare, limited mohair.

Kind bears by Alla Stepanets
Robin is a good-looking rabbit. Was made from viscose (German), eyes is from glass. This rabbit was stuffed with sawdust ,wood wool and with mineral granules.5 cotters. Looking for a good family. Please keep your new rabbit from water, steamy bathrooms, moisture, etc. to avoid deforming the silk pieces from their intended shape and texture. All of my designs are one of kind, no two bears are alike.

Favorite Bears
ROBIN.. Very cozy rabbit... Nice..... Sewn from German viscose hand-painted inside sawdust and mineral granulate..The eye-glass. Jacket-vintage fabric. Buttons-metal, vintage..Height: 25 centimeters, with ears, 28 centimeters. Created to give warmth to loved ones.

Irina Donskaya
Teddy bear with crispy belly.

Juliia ALADINA and my amazing bears
Bear hunter from viscose. Inside the sawdust and mineral granulate. Five movable joints.

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