Ralph the Beaver
My Pangaea
Ralph's height is 18 cm (7 inches) in the standing position and 13.5 cm (5.3 inches) in the sitting one. Beaver is not able to stand without support. He was sewn from German Steiff Shulte plush on my author's pattern. He has movable limbs with 5-pin mounting. Ralph is stuffed with sawdust (on head) and fiberfill (body and limbs) and weighted with a mineral granulate.

Andriel ITBAA Competition 2nd place
By Sieve 20 inches (51 centimeters) I created this owl without any sewing pattern and cliche. I used vireframe and then formed the shape of the body around it. Fake-fur applicated in small parts imitates the feathers. I used fimo for the face and legs, then I added dye to it. One eye is open, the other is closed.

"Flower delivery"
The mouse is made of viscose. He has a wire skeleton, moving limbs, glass eyes, soft tummy. Accessories are made by me scooter, leather vest and hat, basket with flowers.

Russian Desman
Teddy Trendy Bears
The Russian desman (Desmana moschata) is a small semiaquatic mammal. It constructs burrows into the banks of ponds and slow-moving streams, but prefers small, overgrown ponds with abundance of insects, crayfish and amphibians. Despite its outward similarity to muskrats (a rodent), the Russian desman is actually part of the mole family.

Marcellus and his friends
Composition "Circus." Dear friends, I'm happy to introduce you my new creation a baby rat . His name is Marcellus, he is a totally handsewn artwork made of natural fur. Well I'm using just second life fur: materials from old jackets, scarves and etc. There is a cotter pin connection between the head and a separate part of a neck.

Razzy Rat
MaxiLynn Bears
Razzy Rat is up for adoption. He is 8” & made from gorgeously tactile short pile charcoal mohair. His eyes are blue glass & his nose & whiskers are made from perle embroidery thread. Razzy’s feet have pink thread claws & his hands are shaded pink. He has a wired tail for posing & wears an old style orange & green polka dot ruff with lining.

Cagney Rat
MaxiLynn Bears
Meet Cagney rat, just over 9” of gorgeous golden mohair. His inner ears & paws are also mohair. He has glass amber eyes & a long pink embroidered nose. Whiskers made from horsehair complete his face. His outfit consists of a little aged waistcoat held by string from which hangs an old style key & chain. This ratty is filled with polyfill & weighted with steel shot.

Mr Beaujangles Clown Rat
MaxiLynn Bears
Beaujangles the clown rat. He’s 10” tall & part of my current rat series. I love making these guys! Beaujangle’s head, limbs & body are made from gorgeous pale yellow viscose while he has mohair ears, muzzle, chest & paws. His eyes made from wonderful twinkling Austrian glass in colour amethyst. An embroidered nose, 3 tiered ruffle collar & hat finish him off.

Hamster Tangerine.
Sewn to order His name is Tangerine, he is a totally handsewn artwork made of natural fur. Well I'm using just second life fur: materials from old jackets, scarves and etc. The body of a hamster is with a lock line skeleton and all joins can be moved.

Chaska the Capybara
My Pangaea
Chaska from the language of the Incas means a bright star. I think this name is very suitable for her. Standing height of the Chaska (on his hind legs) is 30 cm (11.8 inches) , the length of the body to the end of the body is 28 cm (11 inches), and sitting height is 19 cm (7.4 inches). The Capybara has 5 pins connection of limbs (the head and the limbs can rotate).

Hello! I'm happy to present my new Teddy rat Oscar.

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