The teddy bear's name is Pavlik Teddy Bear wants to be a sailor Height 28 centimeters / 11,0 inches Bear sewn plush Stuffing sawdust, padding polyester and mineral granules The bear has glass eyes with hand-painted and eyelashes The head and limbs on the cotter pin and can be rotated 360 degrees. 5 cotter pins Bear has a nice weight, dense packing. Dressed in a sailor suit. Clothing 100% cotton. Clothing is removed.

Christian the sailor
Plush Forest Bears
Collection Individual. Name Christian, the sailor. Color Beige. Height 28cm, sitting 21cm. Weight 694g. Materials Viscose. Cloth Jacquard. Feet bottom Velvet. Ears Viscose. Finishing Oil. Filling Synthepon, steel granulate. Eyes Glass. Nose Velvet. Joints 5 splints, upper limbs enforced with wire frame. Self-standing No, can only sit. Seriality One of a kind, unique. Pattern Authentic. Aroma None. One of a kind. Hand made. Collectible item.

Bear Rhymes
Bear a Rhymes are happy to present Bear Ferdinand. He is a completely handmade from high quality German viscose and fully jointed bear on 5 cotter pins. The bear is traditionally stuffed with wood wool and steel shot. He has got black glass eyes, embroidered nose and lightly shaded face with pan pastels. Ferdinand is wearing striped trousers, a t-shirt, a scarf and a sailors hat. All clothes are removable.

Sailor Teddy Bear
Adorable Bears by Madam Mari
Treat yourself or a loved one to a vintage-inspired, collectible teddy bear! These magical bears and their friends are designed and hand-sewn by me from high-quality European materials. I use vintage plush, Italian and German viscose, and mohair for the exterior, and natural materials such as cotton and silk for the outfits. The bears are stuffed mainly with sawdust and some mineral or metal beads to add weight.

Bernard is a sailor who went on a long voyage and was lost. Now he is looking for a new master. Maybe it's you?

Lover of travel and of salty splashes. Will be a company in the world and just enjoy the night sky.

Kiddy bear the sailor with a duck toy
Kiddy bear the sailor with a duck toy sewn from a special wool for miniatures. Head and paws on joints, paws embroidered thread & made from real leather. Upper paws can bend. Glass eyes. The nose & claws are made from baked plastic fimo. Bear stuffed with mineral granulate & silicone. Toning by pastels & oil paints. Тhe cap is made of a newspaper All clothes and accessories can be removed!

Sailor bear Freddie
Miss Lili's Wonderland
Let me introduce you to little bear Freddie, he is a cute sailor bear. Freddie is about 8 cm tall while standing, he is looking for a new home. . He is:Hand sewn with long pile miniature fabric and suede(paw) ., 5 way cotter pin jointed .black glass eyes, nose made with milliput., stuffed with polyester fiber, weighted with steel shots. Included accessoriesHandmade t shirt (removable ), sailor hat (removable).

Polar bear sailor teddy
Sailor polar bear OOAK teddy bear Artist toy by NatalyTools Big bear ooak bear (full size) creation by NatalyTools (Natalia Tolstykina). 7 inches sitting! (17cm sit). 8,5"tall (clamsy paws). Materials:Italian viscose (very soft and tender) , , black glass eyes, fiberfill, glass pellets,5 cotter pin in head and all paws, fabric markers painting. cotton., 100% handmade. Please note that teddy-bears are collectibles and are not meant to be young children's toys.

Bear Fog
LunA Teddy and Friends
Author work from Lunina Anna, my original copyright design & pattern. Bear size 22 cm, *Made of viscose, stuffed with sawdust. Glass eyes. , *The nose is embroidered. Paws and head are movable on five pins. , *The boat is handmade from plywood. Includit. A good friend who will always listen to you and will keep secrets. He keeps his ship in his paws and dreams of going around the world.

Teddy Bear Alex
Thank you for your attention! Today I want to introduce my new work Teddy Bear Alex! Bears are executed in vintage style. Clothes were artificially aged. The clothes were sewed from cotton (USA), are removed. Growth: standing 7.4 inch (19 cm) . Materials:. Vintage plush. Filled with sawdust . Eyes are glass German. Fastenings: disks and forelocks, the head on double fastening. Bears were sewn on the pattern of Natalia Tolstykinoy. Single copy.

Captain Lavrov
Teddy by Mila Khrystynchenko
OOAK, my original design & pattern. All photos my author's work. Meet Captain Lavrov. This is a special order for the collector Carla. He is a seasoned sailor and is not afraid of a storm on the sea. It's sewed from a velvet vintage plush. Filled with sawdust, steel granulate, wood wool. He has 5 shaped cotter pins, English glass eyes, embroidered nose. Light tinted artistic oil.

Brimbin Forest Bears
DOBSON....this oldie has been created from a short crushed pile mohair hand dyed and antiqued in a lovely vintage shade of very pale pastel green colour. I have done a lot of aging to achieve that much loved cared for and out of the attic look. DOBSON....has wool fabric for the foot and paw pads.

Carla Carlotta Bears
SAILOR By Carla Carlotta Bears. 7.9 inches (20 centimeters). made out of cute hand dyed Plush, filled with poly filling, some steel shot and much love and hugs german black glass eyes, 5-Way Disc jointed One-Of-A-Kind Bear., This little Teddy is handmade with lots of Love and Patience and come from a non-smoking home. Not suitable for small children!! Ordering Information: Sorry, but no return accept.

Shui Shou
Friends Fur Life Bears By Kim Endlich
This is Shui Shou, which means sailor in Chinese. He is a stunning 23" center seam panda made out of black and off white mohair with wool felt paw pads. He peers through black German glass eyes with white wool felt tucked behind them and has a hand stitched nose and mouth. I have needle sculpted his facial feature and hand painted them.

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