Seal and baby white seal
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
Brooches Seal (15 сm) and baby seal (9 cm) are made in the technique of dry and wet felting.

Animal Realistic Plush toy "Fur Seal Pup" Teddy.
Realistic Toys from Irina
Animal realistic plush toy "fur seal puppy" Teddy. . Pleasant and soft to the touch. The toy is made of high quality faux fur. The nose is made of polymer clay, the eyes are glass cabochons. The seal is alive he is looking for his master! . Good gift for children and soft toy lovers. Also a great gift for those who can't have a pet at home!

realistic toy Belek
Toy workshop family Filippov
Toy Belek.Realistic toy Belek. Buy realistic toy Belek. The toy is handmade. Hello! Look what a furry kid, waiting in the hope of his new friends and loving home. The kid is very tender, fluffy. Belek is made of artificial fur, the filler is polyester, and the wire frame makes the toy especially mobile-the fins bend . tinted acrylic on silk. This lump of happiness is waiting for you).

Hello, I'm Myrinda!

Young seal BeleK
Realistic Pets Soft Toys
This is a young seal Belek. He is a very cute and fluffy animal !!! This toy is one of a kind. You can order this toy. Production time one week. That's why, this's a great gift to your friends or family! Be sure, no one will have such a pet! About this toy: This realistic toy is sewn entirely by hand from faux fur of white colors.

Belek Janco.
Belek Janco is a cute little baby seal. The name means "pure child". Janko will be the perfect gift for any occasion! I knitted a warm bright hat so that the baby does not freeze and get lost. Belek is made of fake fur "mink". In the body is a plastic skeleton, in paws-wire frame. The body is filled with synthetic fluff. Glass eyes, Germany.

baby Seal
Villa Paradiso
This cute baby is made with a lot of love and attention to the dettails, author patterns. He is 45cm/17,7’’ , has beaiful sculpted and painted hand made details in clay. You can out him in a lot of poses hi is a very flexible sweet fluffy baby. • Material: Alpaca, fiberfill • Head: glass eyes, polimer clay sculpted details.

Seal Bijou
I want to introduce to you a young seal a beige of Bijou. Its growth from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail is about 5.5 inches (14 cm). Made of artificial German plush. The kid is very agile. A skeleton passes from the head along the body. Thanks to him, Bijou can tilt his head from side to side, left and right, forward and backward.

Baby seal Nessie
I present to you a charming cub of the Baikal seal Nessie. Materials: Artificial fur, lockline (plastic skeleton sewn into the back) stuffing: fiberfill and glass granulate, polymer clay(nose) 4 cotter pins, eyes glass flippers and tail reinforced.Mouth and eyelids open and close(Carefully!)., Size (in height 20 cm), full-length 40 cm. Nessie comes with a certificate.

Sacred Cat of Burma
Irina Kotelnikova
Sacred Cat of Burma This unique and beautiful cat is made of high quality mohair threads, washed sheep curls and 100% wool. To make the work, I used a special technology of fiber implantation, which makes the appearance of the pile more realistic and natural. The cat has a realistic animal size: Height 17 inches, length 20 inches, weight 2.2 pounds The cat's weight consists of only 100% wool.

Chihuahua puppy Violet.
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
Meet a Chihuahua puppy named Violet. The puppy made from high-quality faux fur (8.2 inches) (21 cm) ( To make the toy more realistic, it has a moving skeleton inside the body and legs so that it can change its position. Seal inside the body of glass granules, for a pleasant live weight. The eyes are made of glass with a pattern of a hand.

Belek, fur seal
Participants of the exhibition Teddy-picnic summer 2018. Collection Dreaming of the sea Belek is a soft fluffy child.