Bottomless sky
My love of plush 79
Bottomless sky 20 см. mohair Steiff-Schulte,ribbon shabby, suspension glass, hand made, glass eyes hand-painted, 5-way jointed. Filling: wood chips + sea pebbles . Date of Birth: March 10, 2017 Handmade! One of a kind!

Dragon Blue Sky
I am the Dragon Blue Sky, * My height is 3.94 inches (10 cm), including a tail of a total length of 20 cm (7.87 inches) Made of soft blue fur (manufactured in Italy), * Frame Face, paws, ears are made of clay, * I have the most beautiful glass eyes Wings can be given any position, * Not suitable for small children small details. Each my dragon is unique.

Li - Lu
The collection is called “Symphony of Black Sky”. Lisa Li Lu in a moose hat is sewn on the model of the author for the Hello Teddy exhibition, all clothes are removed in an old suit. Very beautiful bear! Composition: viscose, metal granulate, glass eyes, cotter pin, sawdust, vintage cotton.

9 inches (23 centimeters). Looking for unique gift made with love and passion? I propose you a hand made little boy-bear Alex as a perfect solution to become cute friend to your friends, family and children. Alex is a small cuddle bear with a cute look. He loves to caress with like minded friends. He is the happy minded boy looking forward to his new family.

Furry Happiness
Sewn from German plush. 5 cotter pins. eyes the glass. Filler sawdust and mineral granulate. Tinted with artistic oil paints. Growth sitting and with ears 16cm.

Klintzfamily Bears
Bernadette 14.5 inches tall. the style:. Simply Prairie. TAME AND TEMPERATE She's a country classic, the essence of tall grasses waving in the sun, blue skies, vast open spaces and bonneted heads, crisp white pinafores with flounces and apron strings. BREEZY BLUE SKIES Bernadette's rust and gold fur coloring looks at home against a blue cloudless sky.

Starry Sky
Olena Makeienkova
Absolutely charming , which comfortably sleeps on your hands, playfully smiles and plays. The feeling is soft, gentle and pleasant to the touch. High-quality artificial fur. Size standing 50 cm without tail Inside are packed holofayber, mineral granulate. The head and body are connected by the skeleton of Lockline The paws are reinforced with copper wire. The paws and ears are reinforced with copper wire Body, legs can be gently bent.

Gemini Zodiac sign, two bears
5.5 inches (14 centimeters). This is a continuation of my collection of collectible toys copyright "The Ecliptic". This collection will consist of toys symbols of zodiac signs. All the toys in this collection OOAK, repetition is impossible, because such material is no more. Other toys from this collection you can see here:http://cityplush. My constellation Gemini are the two cute little teddy bears.

Zheleznova Svetlana
Lover of travel and of salty splashes. Will be a company in the world and just enjoy the night sky.

Jellyfish Handmade
This is cute little elephant, made completely by hand. All connections are moving. It has rotating head and movable legs.Materials: This elephant is made from US antique rayon, it’s soft and fluffy.

daisy may
skye rose bears
daisy may is a gentle girl character bear of approx.

Bear Old Sky
SiberianTeddyBear by Olga Andryushenko
Dear friends, I thank for interest in Bear Old Sky This teddy bear sewed from viscose of Italy/France, completely manually. This teddy bear is stuffed with sawdust, metal granules. The body is stuffed lightly. His paws and the head are mobile because he is Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. Eyes are made of glass. Toning this bear is made art oil and patina.

February elephant
Elena Volchkova
February tiny teddy elephant from the collection "12 months of happiness" by Elena Volchkova Height of February elephant 1,9 inch (5 cm). This gentle elephant is like the sky of February. Pure blue. Romantic. It's still cold, but it's almost spring! Left paw and head are unique embroidered with silk ribbons, crystals and beads. Made from viscose, stuffed with wool. 5 way jointed with a t-pin and discs. Glass eyes.

Ursa Major
Teddy Bears by Alla Zubkova
She likes to walk in the night sky. And never let go of his Ursa Minor. . This bear is made of German mohair. Soft stuffing with sawdust, wood shavings. Five cotter pins. Glass eyes. The nose is embroidered with cotton thread. The tint is made from the wrong side with oil paints. Author's pattern, handmade. Size of 36 cm.

Sky (with patchwork purse)
Elena Malinina
Sky is a cute cub!

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