USD 115.00
Meet the newborn Pink Fluffy Kitty. My sweet baby girl is now looking for a new home and a caring parent. This lovely girl was created by me and it have 19 cm tall. This doll was made from high quality materials and stuffing. It will make a perfect gift for your children, family members, colleagues or friends.

Pig Mary
My bear Treasures
USD 98.00
I present to you the new pig. Made of vintage plush. Filled with sawdust and mineral granulate. Tinted pastel. Dress is off. In the tail wire.

Keeper of the Night Time
adopted USD 155.00
Far, far away, on the very edge of the Earth, he lives.

Stuffed Cat Ash, 7.8 inches (20 centimeters)
USD 125.00
Hi, I'm Ash, fluffy kitten. I love to bask on the handles, like a warm home and good people. If you want to adopt me, I'll just be happy! Kitten sewn entirely by hand from German faux furб tinted with oil paint. Glass eyes. Eyelids, nose and pads on paws stuff is made by me from plastic. 5 splintage connections.

Sad Christmas cat
USD 55.00
This Christmas cat will be best gift for you and your family at this year. This cat hand stitched on my author's pattern. Hat and suit are knitted. Removable. It's pocket vintage cat. It was made from German viscose hand coloring. Eyes from glass. Cat was stuffed with sawdust, metallic granules and part of my soul. 5 mounts Hands, feet, head on cotter pins, move. Looking for a good owner.

Small soft and fluffy kitty in a magnificent dress and a flower wreath. A gift f
Irina's Teddies
USD 120.00
The little kitty is made of soft and fluffy Italian viscose. Filled with sawdust. The size of the cat is 15 cm. The cat is dressed in a beautiful white and turquoise dress. On the head of the kitten is a wreath of flowers. All clothes are removed. . This is an interior toy. Do not wet! Dry clean only. .

USD 95.00
Vintage teddy cat OOAK Height is 6.6 inches without ears ( with ears is 7 inches ).

Rudolph the cat
Plush&Co by Alina Alexeeva
adopted USD 99.00
Let me introduce to you Rudolph! This is a very unusual cat for me, but I love him very much! The size in a sitting position is 12 cm. 12 cm of solid hapiness, emotions and charm! This is a cat which could travel with you because of his compact height! He is sewn from a very realistic faux fur(mink) in a beige color.

Cat Pussy cat Toy Interior toy Cuty Gift Teddy
Irina's Teddies
USD 130.00
It's Lavender. She got her name for her lavender dress and lavender flowers embroidered on it. Made of Italian viscose. Arms and legs are moving. Cat's full of sawdust. Dress is off. Made with great awe and love. Size 17-18cm, 7 inches. Only dry cleaning, do not wet, handle carefully! .

A small lynx
USD 99.00
The little lynx already considers himself an adult and independent. He ran away from his mother and was surprised to know the world. Happy to settle in a new home with loving owners. Toy "palm size" sewn from faux fur on the skeleton. Feet reinforced. A small lynx is completely flexible, can take any posture. Padding with padding polyester is not very dense, weighted with glass granulate.

USD 75.00
Height is 9 cm OOAK.

Colette teddy cat
Elena Volchkova
USD 126.00
Please meet tiny teddy cat Colette. Collectible miniature teddy. All mounts are movable 5 way discs /cotterpins joint She is only 1,6" (4,5 cm). made from viscose antique. Glass eyes, -- she is jointed and has her head with cotterpins joint and paws on the thread, is movable. stuffed with wool (a bit of metal pellets in a belly). Toned by pastel, -- teddy sewn by hand only. OOAK.

USD 85.00
Height is 9,5 cm OOAK. Materials: fabric for miniature, fiber filler glass granulate, 5-way disk-jointed German glass eyes, FIMO made nose - pastel, lacquer

Mini Teddy Cat
Cozy Josie
adopted USD 95.00
Cat sewn from german viscose hand-dyed and plush.

V A N N I Cat
USD 182.52
Author collectible teddy cat. Artist Teddy Cat OOAK. VANNI sewn by hand from beautiful alpaca fabric black color. His eyes are Germany glass. He is fully jointed and has his legs, arms and head movable. He is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. Teddy cat tinted artistic oil. Cat wearing a velvet gray ribbon with silver heart. Size 20 cm. 8 inch Height sitting 15 cm. 6 inch Teddy Cat sits confidently.