Easter cutie bunny: realistic animal toy
Realistic Toys Store
USD 60.00
Easter has already arrived! Celebrate? The holiday will be even happier if you have such a cute, realistic animal next to you! A festive cute Easter bunny made from high-quality white faux fur will be a terrific gift for yourself and your family! The rabbit can move all the legs, head and ears. The toy can also open and close its blue glass eyes.

Toy Teddy elephant viscose elephant Toby
Elena Ginter
USD 125.00
toy Teddy elephant viscose elephant Toby Teddy elephant height 8.5 cm Teddy elephant toy made of German viscose, Japanese cotton, * Teddy elephant toy stuffed with cedar sawdust, 100% wool and metal granulateTeddy elephant toy has glass eyes, * Teddy elephant toy is made with movable head and legs ( five splint mounts) toy-Teddy elephant do not own, *cap and overalls made of knitwear. Attention!!!!

A small lynx
USD 99.00
The little lynx already considers himself an adult and independent. He ran away from his mother and was surprised to know the world. Happy to settle in a new home with loving owners. Toy "palm size" sewn from faux fur on the skeleton. Feet reinforced. A small lynx is completely flexible, can take any posture. Padding with padding polyester is not very dense, weighted with glass granulate.

Handmade textile elephant, memory cute and stuffed teddy toy, Interior toy, hand
Irina's Teddies
USD 150.00
The toy will be a good gift for Easter or for mother's day, birthday and holidays, as it is made with love Made of Italian viscose. Arms and legs are moving. Elephant stuffed with sawdust.The elephant is dressed in dress. Clothes removed. Size 18cm Only dry cleaning, do not wet, handle carefully! .

Fennec fox: realistic plush toy
Realistic Toys Store
USD 59.00
I'm glad to show you my new handmade realistic toy! This's a cute and some strange animal! This toy is one of a kind. That's why, this's a great gift to your friends or family! By the way, this toy can be YOUR best friend! Be sure, no one will have such a pet!

Small Сollectible Teddy Bunny Pearl
My Sweet Teddy by Yunia
USD 129.00
She is so tender and cute... Her heart is open for a new family! Pearl is pretty small to make you a company in your journeys and travelings, only 18 cm (7 inches) She made totally by hand from German viscose and lovely cotton for inner side of the ears, fully joined and she also has double jointed head, so she can turn her head in a different way.

Handmade textile elephant, memory cute and stuffed teddy toy, Interior toy
Irina's Teddies
USD 130.00
Teddy elephant handmade. Made of Italian viscose.

Small soft and fluffy kitty in a magnificent dress and a flower wreath. A gift f
Irina's Teddies
USD 120.00
The little kitty is made of soft and fluffy Italian viscose. Filled with sawdust. The size of the cat is 15 cm. The cat is dressed in a beautiful white and turquoise dress. On the head of the kitten is a wreath of flowers. All clothes are removed. . This is an interior toy. Do not wet! Dry clean only. .

Small bear in chaperone and boots
USD 45.00
Teddy bear in chaperone and boots made from vintage plush mustard color. The head is made on the cotter pin. Hands can rotate. Legs are made of plastic laDoll. Hood removed. Belt made of leather with a buckle and a small key. Cute intelligent teddy bear will be your understanding friend. Your little friend on travel!!! IMPORTANT!

USD 75.00
A small pocket teddy bear is handmade a perfect gift for her, for fans of miniatures, a beautiful interior toy on the shelf in the children's room or as a toy for your doll Blythe. Brown small bear a perfect gift for the best girlfriend, teddy bear with wings will not take up much space in the bag, will become a companion in the journey.

Niffler: fantastic animal toy
Realistic Toys Store
USD 100.00
Glad to see you in my store, dear wizards! I'm glad to present you very cute animal! But, as you can see, this is an unusual animal. Do you recognize? Yeap, this is the famous fantastic animal of the great and real wizard! Love fantastic animals? This toy is for you! Believe me, this exclusive and one-of-a-kind gift will be unforgettable for yourself, your family or friends!

Bunny toy
Toy workshop family Filippov
USD 46.00
Bunny Teddy toy handmade Bunny toy Author's toy Collectible toy Plush Bunny Plush toy Hello! I want you to meet a gentle Bunny.Bunny is sewn from plush magogo.inside filler sintepon .mount splintage(arms legs head povorachivaetsya).ears and heels of fleece. eyes plastic. the spout is plastic. tinted dry pastel.Bunny Rostik 6.6d(17cm). You can buy this baby right now.